Contract automation administrator video tutorials

Our contract automation administrator video tutorials demonstrate how to insert a template by yourself, how to organise your contract know-how, and how to configure your Weagree Wizard portal (incl. plugins and external integrations).

Every video tutorial is between 1:20 and 6:50 minutes (on average 3:50 minutes, and altogether 2:00 hours). Enjoy!

[Note (14 August 2017): we will add a number of video tutorials in the forthcoming weeks (and reshuffle or remove those under A.7-A.10); part of the template-insertion work has been further simplified or automated]

A. Getting started

A.1. Quick orientation on the Administrator tooling - 1:57 min.

A.2. Quick orientation on the Template creation tool - 2:57 min.

A.3. Templates: building blocks and contract clauses (left side) - 3:57 min.

A.4. Start inserting your model contract - 3:56 min.

A.5. Inserting your model contract; the template outline - 6:54 min.

A.6. Building your questionnaire (Q&A elements 1/2) - 3:59 min.

A.7(a) Choice questions: radio buttons, dropdowns and checkboxes - 4:03 min.

[To be updated (simplified) – this video tutorial will become B.2.]

A.7(b) Choice questions: checkboxes - 2:19 min.

[Topic to be addressed in to-be-updated A.5. – this video will move to B.]

A.7(c) Choice questions: radiobuttons, dropdowns, checkboxes - advanced options - 2:36 min.

A.8. Basics of definitions

[Forthcoming – August 2017 – consider watching the advanced version (cuurently B.2)]

A.10. Automated import of your Word-document

[Forthcoming – August 2017]

A.11. Optimising the Q&A of a template (the administrator’s Q&A dialogue screen)

To divide template insertion work between senior lawyers and paralegals: video tutorial A.11 demonstrates how senior counsel can formulate the questionnaire (with all related Q&A-elements) with the template-insertion-work done by more junior coworkers (or Weagree’s support team). All Q&A questions and related elements appear in one single dialogue screen:

Other video tutorials particularly worth watching if you’re considering taking a licence under the Weagree Wizard:

B. Inserting your template and questionnaire (tips and tricks)

B.1 Quick overview of all advanced tutorial videos - 10:09 min.

In this video tutorial B.1, you will learn the basics of template insertion:

B.2 Defined terms and definitions

B.3 Schedules and annexes

B.4 Cross references (function, how to)

B.5 Party details and other CRM information

B.6 Tables

B.7 Columns

B.8 Pictures and logo’s

[Under construction]

B.9 Captions (clause headings)

B.10 Troubleshooting a template: repairing errors

[Under construction]

  • General strategy
  • Assessing your generated contract
  • Optimising your Q&A

C. Advanced topics

C.1 Global questions (1/2 Introduction and global editable fields)

During a questionnaire, you want to avoid asking the same question twice. That’s what global questions are for:

C.2 Global questions (2/2 Global choice questions)

C.3 Lookup lists

[Under construction]

  • Introducing the concept (and examples)
  • Distributing choice results
  • Implementing corporate policies
  • Party references in case of large numbers of contracting parties
  • Creating and modifying lookup tables
  • Uploading a lookup table (from your spreadsheet)
  • Triggering lookup values
  • Lookup tables and global questions

C.4 Combining functions or questions

[Under construction]

C.5 Calculations and number-formatting

[Under construction]

C.6 Applying authorisation levels in templates and Q&A

C.7 Preparing your Word-document

[Under construction]

  • Search-replace all: [gq.Party1] and [gq.Party#]
  • Identify places to insert definition tags
  • Identify the annexes
  • Tag for editable fields
  • Tag for choice-elements

D. Organising your contract knowhow

D.1 Organising your contract house styles - Introduction

In video tutorial D.1, you will learn how to create and manage your contract house styles in the Weagree Wizard. We explain how to manage the look & feel of your contracts from one central location:

D.2 Organising and using your clause library

Watch this video to learn how you can optimise using and maintaining your contract know-how, with a maximum reuse of contact building blocks and possibility to insert an ad hoc clause in your contract during the a questionnaire.

Other video tutorials particularly worth watching if you are considering taking a licence under the Weagree Wizard:

D.3 Phrases: reinforcing standard text phrases

[Under construction]

D.4 Document styling - available levels and indentation

[Under construction]

  • Your dotx-file
  • Template styles: indentation and numbering
  • How to apply
  • Which styles are available?

E. Organising your Weagree Wizard portal

E.1 Introduction to the administrator functions

E.2 Organising the Party database

[Under construction]

E.3 Workflow tab

[Under construction]

  • Submitting, default legal approver, approving
  • Setting up e-mail alerts
  • Substituting a colleague (my colleagues)
  • Monitoring compliance and reporting

E.4 Organising internationality (languages)

[Under construction]

  • Weagree Wizard interface languages
  • Template languages
  • Phrases

E.5 External integrations

[Under construction]

  • Identifying the external source or target application
  • Linking template fact sheets to externally sourced data sheets
  • Mapping the data fields

E.6 Setting up and configuring SAML (SSO - single sign-on)

[Under construction]

  • Introduction
  • Configuring SAML with your dashboard