Weagree’s model contracts shared on Mdlcntrcts

Weagree’s free model contract templates, which were published previously, can be found on Mdlcntrcts.com:

  1. (Commercial) agency agreement
  2. Services agreement (provider-friendly)
  3. Joint development agreement
  4. Trademark licence agreement
  5. Technology escrow agreement
  6. General purchasing agreement
  7. Loan agreement (unsecured, medium size)
  8. Services agreement (customer-friendly)
  9. Miscellaneous boilerplate provisions (clause library)
  10. Joint venture agreement (incorporated)
  11. Distribution agreement

[Under construction: model contracts will be uploaded and linked here shortly]

Other Weagree model contracts on Mdlcntrcts

Weagree shared a number of model contracts (for free) on Mdlcntracts.com:

  1. Confidentiality agreement (NDA) mutual
  2. Non-disclosure agreement – one-sided (‘we disclose’)
  3. Non-disclosure agreement – one-sided (‘they disclose’)
  4. Goods on loan agreement (loan of equipment)

Weagree’s clause library on Mdlcntrcts

Weagree shared its clause library with all kinds of miscellaneous (boilerplate) provisions and quasi-miscellaneous clauses in the clause library of Mdlcntracts.com:

[Under construction: model clauses will be uploaded and linked here shortly]

Weagree’s contract checklists on Mdlcntrcts

[Under construction: contract checklists will be uploaded and linked here shortly]