Bonus materials – Drafting contracts book

In the book Drafting contracts, several model contracts and model clauses are used. You can download them here. You may use them, but subject to a few restrictions (see below) – upon use, you will be deemed to have accepted those restrictions.

Downloadable materials and contract models used in the masterclasses include:

  • Model memorandum of understanding (or letter of intent)
  • Confidentiality agreement (mutual, with several options)
  • General purchasing agreement (extensive model, incl. intellectual property rights)
  • Joint venture agreement (incorporated)
  • Distribution agreement (long-form model)
  • Commercial agency agreement (long-form example, with hints how to match your business)
  • Services agreement (procurement long-form, incl. intellectual property rights)
  • Services agreement (service provider-friendly, long-form, incl. intellectual property rights)
  • Loan agreement (small/medium-sized, incl. events of default, warranties)

In addition, certain clauses will be discussed. They can be downloaded:

  • Model clauses related to intellectual property rights (incl. indemnity for IP infringement claims)
  • Model quasi-miscellaneous clauses (e.g. confidentiality, force majeure)
  • Model miscellaneous (boilerplate) clauses
  • Model arbitration clauses (incl. with preceding mediation)

And eBooks, to be downloaded:

  • Drafting numbers, dates and time in contracts – Guidelines and best practices
  • Contract interpretation – comparative overview and guidelines

Weagree model contracts free

The Weagree contract assembly wizard is equipped with a set of high quality contract templates. The customer can modify and expand them according to its business requirements.

Disclaimer and terms of use

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  1. accept that you cannot rely on the model contract as a ‘legal advice’, see our Terms of Use section 1.1A; and
  2. accept the disclaimers and extensive exclusion of all liability in relation to your Use of the Model Contract, in our Disclaimer; and
  3. shall not sell or distribute any Model Contract (or a modified or translated version of a Model Contract) and you shall not otherwise Use it for any ‘commercial’ purpose, as further elaborated and defined in our Terms of Use section 3A. And of course, you shall not permit or facilitate others to do the same.

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Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which: