Bonus materials – Drafting contracts book

In the book Drafting contracts, several model contracts and model clauses are used. You can download them here. You may use them, but subject to a few restrictions (see below) – upon use, you will be deemed to have accepted those restrictions.

Downloadable materials and contract models used in the masterclasses include:

  • Model memorandum of understanding (or letter of intent)
  • Confidentiality agreement (mutual, with several options)
  • General purchasing agreement (extensive model, incl. intellectual property rights)
  • Joint venture agreement (incorporated)
  • Distribution agreement (long-form model)
  • Commercial agency agreement (long-form example, with hints how to match your business)
  • Services agreement (procurement long-form, incl. intellectual property rights)
  • Services agreement (service provider-friendly, long-form, incl. intellectual property rights)
  • Loan agreement (small/medium-sized, incl. events of default, warranties)

In addition, certain clauses will be discussed. They can be downloaded:

  • Model clauses related to intellectual property rights (incl. indemnity for IP infringement claims)
  • Model quasi-miscellaneous clauses (e.g. confidentiality, force majeure)
  • Model miscellaneous (boilerplate) clauses
  • Model arbitration clauses (incl. with preceding mediation)

And eBooks, to be downloaded:

  • Drafting numbers, dates and time in contracts – Guidelines and best practices
  • Contract interpretation – comparative overview and guidelines

Weagree model contracts free

The Weagree contract assembly wizard is equipped with a set of high quality contract templates. The customer can modify and expand them according to its business requirements.

For more detailed information see FAQ.

Bonus materials: disclaimer and terms of use

When downloading or using materials, you:

  1. accept that you cannot rely on the model contract as a ‘legal advice’, see our Terms of Use section 1.1A; and
  2. accept the disclaimers and extensive exclusion of all liability in relation to your Use of the Model Contract, in our Disclaimer; and
  3. shall not sell or distribute any Model Contract (or a modified or translated version of a Model Contract) and you shall not otherwise Use it for any ‘commercial’ purpose, as further elaborated and defined in our Terms of Use section 3A.

Terms of Use

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