The Weagree Wizard’s contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution allows administrators to create and manage contract sheets for either generic purposes or specific types of contract. These contract sheets determine what data a user may insert into the CLM, or what data is automatically inserted if a contract made in Weagree is transferred to the CLM. This page will help with getting started with Weagree’s CLM by showing you how to create and manage your contract sheets and by providing a quick overview of the available CLM tooling.


The CLM contract sheets item on the Administrator page displays all available contract sheets (if any), plus the number of managed contracts for which they are currently used. Here, you can create a new or open an existing contract sheet:

1. Click on the “blank page” button above the outline to create a new contract sheet.

2. Click on the pencil icon next to a contract sheet’s name to edit it.

3. Click Creation tool to open the CLM contract sheet creation tool and then either select an existing contract sheet to edit by clicking on the pencil icon, or click New to create a new one based on an existing contract template.


The contract sheet creation tool lets you create a contract sheet outline consisting of CLM building blocks, in very much the same manner as you would create a contract-automation template outline. You may then add data insertion fields to these CLM building blocks, which is very similar to creating questions in a contract-automation template. These fields can even be automatically generated by linking your contract sheet to a contract-automation template. The contract sheet creation tool also allows for the creation of default notification triggers.


The Notifications item is where you can create and manage the various notifications you may need for your CLM. As an administrator, you can choose between whichever notifications are available when configuring default notification triggers. End-users will be able to freely choose from this selection as well if they decide to add custom triggers for individual contracts they’re managing. It’s possible to add translations, which will automatically be used if you switch your portal’s user-interface to a different language like Spanish or German.



Migration service is used to import sheets containing your Excel data from an external CLM service, such as Legisway. This allows for a quick and easy automated transfer of contract details and documents into the Weagree Wizard’s CLM, together with all related CRM data. After a successful import, all relevant data from the source CLM service will be available in Weagree.



Finally, under Configuration you can determine whether documents uploaded to the CLM will be stored in Weagree or on an external platform such as SharePoint (all files will be synched with and readily accessible from Weagree, however) and which CLM fields will be included by default on the overview of a managed contract. It’s possible to deviate from these default CLM fields per contract sheet.


For detailed explanations on how to use these features, please continue with the following tutorials.