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Designing your Weagree portal look & feel

Customise the Weagree Wizard to match your corporate identity – interface colours, house style and other look-and-feel elements in just a few clicks. This helps to override the discomfort of unfamiliarity and improves your change management process.

Note: All look & feel elements are optional and will remain as default if unchanged. If you wish to include your own logo alongside Weagree’s (on the top left), we’d be happy to do that for you. Please get in touch.

To configure your corporate identity within the Weagree Wizard, your best strategy would be to request the communications department for the house style guide or branding book. You will see that the base colours will be easy to select, but that the various shades of grey requires some trial and error.

Good pages to test if it works, should include the questionnaire of any given contract, as well as overview pages (e.g. My contracts, My managed contracts). Note that you can reset all the colour settings with the click of one button (Reset).

Look and feel

1. On the Administrator page, under Configuration Weagree Wizard, select Look & feel Weagree Wizard.

2. You will see that customisable elements (on the right side panel) are split up in categories:

  • General
  • Main navigation
  • Buttons and icons
  • On-page tabs
  • Tables
  • Colour palette (a set of colours that an end-user may pick)
  • Template outline
  • Contract text (deletions and additions in Weagree-compared contracts)

3. To change or specify any of these elements, select the desired colour from the dropdown (or enter the RGB value) or, if you know it, enter the hexadecimal colour code. For example, to change the main panel background colour, either click the dropdown and choose your desired colour or specify the hex colour code in the box, and click Save

You can easily align the Weagree Wizard to your corporate identity by following the same steps for all or any other elements.

Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which:

Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which: