Contract management

Contract lifecycle management (CLM aka CMS) is integrated in the Weagree Wizard:

Immediate insight in your obligations

Weagree’s contract management (CMS or CLM) software prevents unintended contract extension and provides full and quick insight in your organisation’s obligations.

Email alerts well-before your deadlines

Weagree’s new contract lifecycle management (“CMS” or “CLM”) alerts you in time about contracts expiring, and reminds you if you don’t take action upon the first or second email alert. Email notifications are scheduled by the administrator, and can be tweaked by the contract’s user.

Contracts repository

Are you always able to find all signed contracts, and all relevant related files? As a lawyer, you want to easily access all contract-related files:

  • The signed contract
  • Annexes related to the contract
  • Your compliance assessment form
  • A supplier-signed Code of Conduct
  • Important draft-contract versions
  • All amendments

Advanced contract data management

Do you have insight into all your organisation’s rights and obligations? In a basic CMS, you’re likely to see your deadlines in just a few clicks. Weagree’s CLM goes beyond this: you will also have immediate insight into dozens of other data.

Making a signed contract ‘manageable’ and updating it for your negotiation results takes only a few clicks. It is exceptionally user-friendly. Think of it: essentially, Weagree simply reuses the data you entered when creating the contract. Imagine: ‘uploading’ a signed contract and making it insightful/accessible takes only a few minutes!

Where the contract creation side uses a clause library, Weagree’s CLM also has such library of CLM building blocks. Making contract management exceptionally flexible, data searchable and allowing you to manage more complex agreements. It takes just two or three clicks to monitor the affairs of your entire organisation.

Implementation in a few minutes

Implementing an automated contract for managing it through Weagree’s CMS takes just a few mouse clicks… Wow, implementing contract management in a few minutes, doesn’t it sound exciting?!

Watch our CLM demo video here, to see that Weagree’s CLM is

Exceptionally user-friendly

We know what user-friendliness means:

  • simple and attractive
  • a sense of being ‘in control’ over your contract
  • seeing only what is relevant
  • flexibility

More information is alongside our CMS demo video here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: we are developing the Weagree Wizard fast, collaborating with the very best programmers of The Netherlands with whom we have been working for many years, so if you check boxes, do not assume that certain functionalities were not available. It is more safe to assume that we have not been able to update our website with a video of a new functionality, and contact us to ask.