Contract lifecycle management

Weagree contract lifecycle management (CMS or CLM) is user-friendly, as you can see:

Weagree contract lifecycle management

User-friendly contract lifecycle management

When a contract is agreed, signed, or ready for signature, it is time to manage it.

If you have a basic CMS or CLM, contract management is probably annoying, and inserting the key data repeatedly postponed on everyone’s to-do In the Weagree Wizard, making your signed contract ‘manageable’, is easy… just a few clicks of work… it is automated.

Immediate insight in your main obligations

Fill in the key contract descriptors, select the applicable contract sheet; in most cases, you will have this pre When your contract lifecycle management becomes more advanced, with more triggers and more data your colleagues will also work with the contract. If you wish, you can leave a note to yourself. It will be visible on your contracts overview page.

Contracts repository

Identify for every contract version and for each uploaded file what must happen with it. You may not want to keep all of them, and maybe archive one or two key versions. All data and files will automatically be moved into Weagree’s contract management solution.

The Weagree Wizard stores all data and files encrypted, applying the highest levels of security. Weagree’s CLM will make sure that you will not forget to upload the final contract signed by all parties. Of course, you can integrate this with e-signature solutions.

CLM is cost efficient

Efficient contract management means that the contract data sheet will reuse data from the contract creation stage as much as possible. You only need to update them for the negotiation results.

Weagree’s CLM is effective

Effective contract management means that all key contract data are only one or two clicks away.

Of course, important operational data will probably be exported to other applications. Working with those applications is often very awkward. Weagree is user-friendly. You can prepopulate the contract details in the Weagree Wizard, such that entering those data works automatically.

Depending on the nature of your business and the type of transaction, key data may include

  • Delivery schedules…
  • Applicable Incoterm…
  • Contact details…
  • IP rights and licences…

E-mail notifications of important deadlines

You don’t want your contracts to renew automatically because of missing a deadline for termination, or that you were notified last-minute, and lacked the time to assess alternatives.

Effective contract management means that well before a crucial date, e-mail alerts are sent, and that such notifications may need to be repeated. And of course, a user can optimise their default notifications set by the administrator, and add personal reminders where needed.

GENERAL DISCLAIMER: we are developing the Weagree Wizard fast, so the demo videos are outdated (we manage to make things more user-friendly and to add functionalities than they may look in a demo video). We are collaborating with the very best programmers of The Netherlands with whom we have been working for many years, so do not assume that certain functionalities were not available. It is more safe to assume that we have not been able to update our website with a video of a new functionality, and contact us to ask.