Drafting contracts is the basis for contract automation
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Drafting contracts: know how

25+ years of expertise in contracting practice…

Accelerating contract flow begins with contract drafting know-how. We share an abundance of expertise: Contracts and contracting processes built on best practices and practical experience. Experience does not arrive with academic books.

Masterclasses Contract drafting​

Become the contract drafting expert everyone turns to with their contract-related issues and feel super-confident about the other party’s contracts under a foreign law.

You will learn the techniques to draft readable contracts, free of ambiguity. You will become able to decide quickly if clauses are nonsense or needed (and why). You will be trained to spot tricky clauses.

This masterclasses aim at:

  • Senior legal counsel with broad experience in drafting contracts
  • Medior lawyers early in their legal career
  • Procurement professionals and contract managers

Consider involving team members to improve their drafting and contracting skills.

  For more information, watch the video. 

Max Werkhoven
Clear and concise course on contract drafting
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This Weagree course on Contract drafting provides for a concise - yet fairly complete - course on contract drafting. Depending on legal background knowledge, it might be of (better) use taking a piecemeal approach.
Avadhesh Kumar
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This masterclass is very good and easy to understand.
Wester Jansen
Great insight
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Great to have this large insight into contract drafting. A joy to follow and great to see the enthusiastic presentation.

Book Drafting contracts

A complete online book drafting contracts – Techniques, best practices and recommendations related to contract drafting (if printed: 340 pages). All online, open access:

Become the contract drafting expert everyone consults for all contract drafting matters, making you feel super-confident about why certain contract wording is plain nonsense or redundant ‘legalese’, mastering clear and unambiguous contracting.

Dudly B.
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Really appreciate your insights and comments on LinkedIn and would value being able to read your book…
Craig A.
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It so happens that I am a long time believer in plain language contracts so I not only appreciated what you have done but your explanations of some important clauses they should know about which I think are not beyond them, unlike most of what I have found. Your treatment of warranties, for example, is exactly what they need to know.
model contracts weagree h drafting contracts: know how

Model contracts - shared (free) 

Legal professionals share a problem: good model contracts are hard to find; good model clauses almost impossible. That’s why we have created an online platform where legal professionals can share model contracts, for free. It is where we share many of our model contracts as well. 

LinkedIn group - Drafting contracts

We moderate a LinkedIn group – Drafting contracts. It’s a community of legal professionals (100,000+ members) from around the world – sharing, asking, and discussing many aspects related to contracts and cross-border contracting.

Do you have a contracts-related question sometimes? 


It’s a Weagree blog space – Weblog. We write and share our expertise on topics like end-to-end contracting, AI-driven contract management, CLM, innovation & legal tech, implementation, change management and more…

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