Quick orientation on the Administrator tooling

As an administrator, you have complete control over how the Weagree Wizard on your portal may be used. The Administrator tooling allows you to create, modify and organise templates for contract automation and contract sheets for contract lifecycle management, set up approval workflows, manage users, and configure your Weagree Wizard’s functionalities and appearance.


Here, you will find a short rundown of the Administrator tooling’s features to help you get started.
The tooling is available on the Administrator page, which consists of two main elements:

1. The items list

Each which provides access to a variety of tools for your Weagree Wizard. Each item consists of multiple subitems, which may be opened or collapsed by clicking on the item name or the arrow in front of it.

2. The main panel

Which shows the contents of the selected (sub)item and where you will make whatever changes may be needed.



Contract automation

All your Weagree contract automation templates will be collected here. This item also grants access to the Template Creation Tool for creating or modifying templates, the clause library, to any feedback users have submitted to template administrators, all your contract house style settings and to the general contract automation settings.

CLM (contract lifecycle management)

All your Weagree contract sheets for the management of contracts will be collected here. This item also grants access to the contract sheet editor, your CLM notification templates, the CLM migration service and to the general CLM settings.

Entity management

You may access item lists (and their translations) used for full-featured entity management, for example regarding the types of constitution documents or corporate titles, here. This also grants access to entity management notification triggers and templates, and to the general entity management settings.

Workflows & approvals

The approval workflows and approval units of which they consist are collected and configured here. This item also grants access to workflow notification templates.

Users and licence

All user settings are collected here. Users may be managed individually, by user group or by user profile (which may cover multiple user groups and determines users’ authorisations). Specific authorisations may be enabled or disabled at will for groups of users. This item also grants access to licence information and user notification templates.

Configuration Weagree Wizard

Key functionalities may be enabled or disabled here. This item also grants access to the look & feel editor, Weagree Wizard languages, general (guest user) notification templates, user login and authentication settings and settings for API integrations.


For further information, consult the respective sections of this knowledge base.

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