Basic contract automation configuration

On the Administrator page, the Configuration subitem of Contract automation offers a number of settings are to determine what contract automation features are available to users, how documents are generated and who will serve as general template administrator(s). Your portal will be preconfigured by Weagree and will therefore be ready to use with default options. You may change these as you see fit, but your basic contract automation configuration need only consist of a quick check whether the essential settings suit your purposes. For further information, consult the Configuring contract automation functionalities section of this knowledge base.

1. The Contract automation subtab covers access to various highly useful, but non-essential functionalities, as well as a few more technical settings. When getting started with contract automation, ensure that the correct option for Document storage is selected. If a required external storage system is missing from the selection menu, please refer to the API integrations section of this knowledge base.

2. The Document generation settings will rarely if ever need to be changed. You may find it useful at this stage to modify the default document name format, however. The default format, [relation.2.shortName] [documenttitle], will result in a document name such as “Counterparty Ltd. License agreement 001.docx”. Manually delete any tags (i.e. bracketed words or phrases) in the name format field that are redundant and use the magnifier icon to select alternate tags.

3. For the purpose of being notified of and processing user feedback, one or more users may be designated as general template administrators. For now, you may safely leave this as is.

4. If Access to model contracts (see the Contract automation subtab) is enabled, a separate Model contracts subtab will be visible. If so, please ensure that the field Contract know-how URL contains a working hyperlink to the intended model contracts website. You are more than welcome to link to Weagree’s own model contracts sharing platform if you like (as that is the default).

5. If Generate contract number (see the Contract automation subtab) is enabled, a separate Contract number subtab will be visible. If so, please ensure that its settings are correct. Enable Only number generated documents if you do not wish contracts to be numbered unless a Word document or PDF is actually generated. After all, not every contract may be approved, and some drafts will be discarded or forgotten. Enable Restart each calendar year if you want to reset the counter each 1 January (so you’ll go from something like “2021_289” for the last contract of 2021 to “2022_001” for the first contract of 2022). Next to Example you will see what numbering format your chosen configuration will produce.

6. Click Save once you are satisfied with your changes.


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