Salesforce integration

The Weagree Wizard’s Salesforce integration allows the user to initiate a contract from within Salesforce, fill the questionnaire in the Weagree Wizard with the data pushed along with initiating that contract, then complete the questionnaire. Alternatively, the user may start the questionnaire within the Weagree Wizard, retrieve party details from Salesforce, generate the contract, and export it (with additional contract data) to Salesforce.

Salesforce integration and be enabled and configured as follows:

1. First, ensure that API integrations are enabled. If you open the Configuration Weagree Wizard item on the Administrator page, and no subitem API integrations appears in the list on the left, they are currently disabled. In that case, open the subitem Key functionalities. On the main part of the screen, move the API integrations slider to the right (i.e. “ON”) position and click Save.


2. Open the API integrations subitem (that has now appeared).

3. Click on Salesforce in the plugin list.


4. The plugin’s settings will be displayed on the right:

a. Set the top switch to the “ON” position to activate Salesforce integration. After activation, a grey checkmark will appear in the plugin list’s right column.
b. Set the second switch, under Party Search, to the “ON” position to activate Salesforce’s party search functionality. This is required for the retrieval of CRM data from Salesforce when initiating contracts within the Weagree Wizard document storage functionality.
c. Insert all required Salesforce details (if you are unsure about these, please contact your IT department or Salesforce).



d. Set the third switch, under Document Export, to the “ON” position to activate the functionality for exporting documents from the Weagree Wizard to Salesforce.
e. Use the Trigger dropdown menu to determine whether document export is always started automatically or manually (allowing the user to decide when this occurs), or whether it will initiate automatically but may also be initiated manually.
f. Insert all required Salesforce details (if you are unsure about these, please contact your IT department or Salesforce).

5. Click Save.



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