Creating and organising approval units and workflows

Creating and organising approval units and workflows, which may consist of any number of approval units, is easy and intuitive. This tutorial will show you how to set up both simple and more complex workflows. For a full explanation on what approval units and workflows are and how they function, click here.

Users gain approver status when they are assigned to any approval unit. When such an approval unit is triggered – by being part of a workflow which itself is triggered – during the questionnaire, all of its users will receive a notification by e-mail and gain access to the contract entry in the Weagree Wizard.

On the Administrator page, open the Workflows & approvals item and navigate to Approval units.

1. To create a new approval unit, click Insert, enter a name and then click Save.

Note: it is good practice to insert a clear, descriptive name for any approval unit. Consider using prefixes, either abbreviations or short phrases, to distinguish between subject, department or template (if you intend to have approval units for specific templates).

2. To edit an existing approval unit, click on its name.

3. To delete one or more approval units, tick their checkboxes and then click Delete.

Note: before deleting any approval units altogether, first remove them from any workflows in which they appear (see the next section below).

4. An approval unit’s users can be managed as follows:
a. To add users to an approval unit, click Insert users.
b. To assign users to another approval unit in addition to this one, tick their checkboxes and click Copy users.
c. To remove users from this approval unit and assign them to another one, tick their checkboxes and click Move users.
d. To remove users from this approval unit, tick their checkboxes and click Delete users. This will not affect other approval units or the user accounts themselves.

Note: although multiple users can be added to an approval unit, the first to approve or reject a contract will effectively decide on behalf of the entire unit. Users will immediately gain or lose access to contracts that are already pending approval when they are added to or removed from an applicable approval unit.

Approval units will only take effect when added to workflows that in turn are triggered during the questionnaire. Workflows support different configurations of approval units.

On the Administrator page, open the Workflows & approvals item and navigate to Workflows.

1. To create a new workflow:
a. Click Insert.
b. Enter a workflow name.
c. If applicable, select an authorisation level from the Approval below level dropdown menu.
d. Click Save.

Note: the Approval below level setting determines for which authorisation level(s) the workflow will trigger. For example, if set to Legal Counsel, a user with Contract manager (i.e. lower) authorisation will trigger the workflow and therefore require approval. Conversely, a user with Senior legal counsel (i.e. higher) authorisation will not trigger the workflow. This setting may be left blank if it should always trigger.

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