Weagree: milestones, milestones, milestones

We are very happy to share that we are finalising the training materials for our project for the International Trade Centre (ITC, a joint agency of the U.N. and WTO). After completing a Cross-border contracting training programme, I was commissioned to add a chapter on intellectual property rights and draft three model contracts (an MOU, […]

Newsletter – Free eBook: Making and managing model contracts

Weagree has reached two great milestones, which we want to celebrate by publishing a new free eBook: Making and managing model contracts. 1.  Drafting contracts has welcomed its 3,000th member As you may know, we initiated the discussion group Drafting contracts on LinkedIn. In some five months, the group has evolved into an active community […]

Websites offering free model contracts…

In our LinkedIn-group, an interesting ‘discussion’ has started: identifying websites which offer free model contracts. I guarantee that you want to join the LinkedIn-group and reap the full benefit of the discussions on Contract drafting if you’re a legal professional and click here. The links added so far: International Trade Centre (ITC, a joint agency […]

Our LinkedIn group welcomed its 2,500th member!

Today, our LinkedIn group Drafting contracts (click here to join) welcomed its 2,500th member! Since the start of the group in February of this year, numerous discussions have been initiated on various aspects of contract drafting. The group members are very enthusiast about the high level of discussions and discussion topics. They give a tremendous […]