Drafting courses

Effective contracts. Being able to draft effective contracts is a valuable skill. An effective contract serves the (business) purposes behind it, fits the operations and addresses only those subjects that matter. Clear and precise contract language and consistency are important to prevent ambiguity, misinterpretation or even disputes. Weagree organises courses on this.

Contract drafting training. Weagree offers in-company courses for junior and senior legal counsel. The courses can be designed to suit your company’s particular needs. Trainings may address general principles of contract drafting, best contract drafting practices and the do’s and don’ts in international style contract drafting. Also, courses may be individualised, focusing on contracts prepared by the individual participants and accordingly address their individual needs.

Courses on cross-border contracting. In addition, we have developed an international training program on cross-border contracting. In connection with this, we give courses on drafting specific types of contracts, as well as on (negotiating) in cross-border context. This applies to M&A-related agreements, as well as day-to-day contracts such as international sale of goods, provision of services, manufacturing, distribution and commercial agency, long-term supply of goods, contractual alliances as well as various IP-related contracts: trademark licenses, know-how and patent licenses, joint development projects, technology transfer agreements and various software contracts. These courses include topics such as Incoterms, letters of credit, documentary credit, and the Vienna Convention (CISG).

Thanks to our intimate knowledge of comparative contract and commercial law, we are able to clarify why lawyers from abroad raise issues during your negotiations. Having an understanding of the other lawyer’s (legal) context, facilitates reaching an agreement.

Sample course programme. In a weblog post we outlined the contract drafting training to senior legal counsel (click here).