Demo video Weagree contract automation wizard

This video gives you a one-minute impression of Weagree’s contract creation application, followed by 8 minutes highlighting the key features, showing the extraordinary user-friendliness of the Weagree Wizard and how easy you can tailor-make your own contracts:

We have created video tutorials aimed at those who use the Weagree Wizard as an administrator. The 21 video tutorials emphasise how user-friendly inserting your templates is and how little effort (or cost) the implementation requires. Three of these video tutorials are particularly worth watching if you are considering taking a licence under the Weagree Wizard:

Interested firms and companies can gain access to a ‘live’ demo portal. Would you like access too? Please contact Weagree here. If you already have access, click here to log in.

If you would prefer a personal demo, contact us for a webinar.