Contract automation – Weagree Wizard introduced

Contract automation

The contract automation software application of Weagree accelerates contract creation. Users answer an intuitive questionnaire, tweak the wording here-and-there, and generate a tailor-made first-draft agreement based on their own models and templates.

It relieves lawyers and non-lawyers, law firm’s clients and a legal department’s internal customers. The generated contracts – simple or complex – meet the highest standards of contract formatting.

Ridiculously user-friendly

Our Weagree Wizard is uniquely user-friendly and implies (a) less change-management challenges, and (b) ease of inserting or modifying templates and questionnaires.

For users “user-friendliness” means:

  1. Simple and attractive
  2. A sense of control over your contract
  3. Seeing only what is relevant to the contract
  4. Maximum flexibility

Create contracts on mobile phones and tablets

For administrators user-friendliness means:

  1. An easy task requiring no programming skills (and no hidden costs)
  2. Brief induction training (two times 2 to 3 hours)
  3. Short admin video tutorials (explaining all details in very short videos)
  4. Simple and centralised contract house-style management

Weagree’s automated contract assembly solution significantly improves productivity, response-time, compliance with contracting requirements, quality of contracting and contract knowhow management. We explain highlights of your business case for contract automation here.

All types of contracts

The Weagree Wizard expedites both routine and highly complex contract drafting. In all contracts, copy-paste and search-replace-drafting and related errors are avoided. Highly complex drafting work, such as for credit agreements, SPA’s and joint venture agreements, can be simplified thanks to the vigorous (modular) setup of the Wizard.

Watch our demo video, which gives you a first impression of Weagree’s contract creation application.

Clause library

The Weagree Wizard has a powerful clause library. The clause library is particularly useful: (a) for exceptional cases not covered by the contract template, and (b) for tailoring mark-up clauses in a contract received from the other party:

  • on a per-template basis (i.e. for a particular transaction only) a user can insert an ad hoc template-unrelated clause, during the Q&A, into the template (e.g. a clause for sale and delivery of real estate or intellectual property into an SPA)
  • a single (set of) tailor-made clauses for your mark-up of the other party’s draft proposal
  • reusable clauses all available for insertion in several templates
  • variations on a building block arranged together (thanks to categorisation, and a search-and-filter functionality)

Weagree clause library screenshot

Importance of an adequate Q&A

An important change-management aspect of implementing contract automation is the quality of the Q&A alongside the model contract. An effective questionnaire helps bridge a gap between ‘legal’ and ‘the business’: it does not contain an overflow of information on the screen, because when answering the Q&A for a third time, one is not reading an abundance of text anymore, and the contractual details are anyhow visible in the ‘WYSIWYG-underwaterscreen’.

Guidance and explanatory notes are accessible through a subtle info-icon next to the question. Formulating the questionnaire is a discipline of its own and requires knowledge of both the legal issues and the business’ contracting practice.


The Weagree contract automation wizard contains a workflow, allowing a legal department to introduce approval rights and to monitor compliance. This functionality justifies access rights to the contract creation application for business line managers, with the option to release the contract itself only after approval by the responsible in-house lawyer. Furthermore, the workflow enables a legal department to keep track of the status of all pending transactions.

Contract house style management

Have your contracts always been inconsistent when it comes to font size, paragraph indentation, numbering style, header & footer texts etc.? The Weagree document automation wizard features centralised contract house style management. It means that all your contracts will have a consistent ‘look & feel’. Together with you (or your communications department) we will set up one or more contract house styles.

Are you afraid that a small change takes a big effort to apply? Weagree’s central (and modular) management of house styles means that any update requires only a few minutes to apply to all contracts subsequently created.

Weagree’s model contracts for free

The Weagree contract assembly wizard is equipped with a set of high-quality contract templates. Our customers can modify and expand them according to their business requirements.

For more detailed information see FAQ or contact us.