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Resisting change?

What looks like resistance is often a lack of clarity.

Uncertainty exhausts a lawyer because it appeals to their ratio, not their elephant. Solving uncertainty (or ambiguity) requires thinking, choices and decisions, but not an acting on their intuition. With introducing legal tech, this is no different.

Decision paralysis

Contract automation change management Rider ErrorsWhere people are acting logically, they can be swayed by many options, while what they need is a clear goal. This is called decision paralysis. Research shows that when a person needs to decide about something, too many choices hinder and lead to not deciding at all.

Successful change requires translating goals into concrete, specific behaviours or actions: instructions about the new way of working must be crystal clear. It all boils down to being specific.

After all, clarity dissolves resistance. (Decision paralysis goes hand in hand with analysis paralysis, someone’s tendency to over-analyse: problem-oriented thinking).

People don’t like to make a choice (at the exclusion of other options). And any ambiguity makes everything worse. Scripting the critical moves allows the rider to decide and lead the elephant in the right direction. Here is more specific guidance for you:

Script the critical moves…

                                                                                               …and become successful 

Whichever of the two buttons you clicked (most probably none), both lead to the same more-information.
Realise: that is what decision paralysis is about!

At Weagree, we have plotted numerous options to implement successfully in a framework that covers everything. The framework is not ours, it is yours. Inspired by a bestseller on change management, we have defined the dimensions – now you should define yours!

For every dimension, we have elaborated on the successful decisions of our customers. Successful steps – clear directions – are abundant.

Script the critical moves

Be clear about how your team members should act. This is one of the hardest – and most important – parts of the framework. As a leader, you’re going to be tempted to tell your people things like: “be more innovative!” or “customers first!

Weagree contract automation change management iconBut you must not stop there. Look for their behaviour and see how those may need to change. Scripting the critical moves – especially for younger colleagues – may include that your legal team members tells their (internal) client – backed by you – that for the benefit of the near future performance, today’s priority is to get contracts automated.

How is Weagree supporting you here

We know that you and we cannot be successful in this large changing field of business. We have to do this together. This is why Weagree has been developing a platform for success. We are about to launch a community:

  • where legal professionals can share their experiences (success stories that may help others!),
  • with nice incentives to return (share model contract templates, release contracting podcasts, and give masterclasses), and
  • where legal counsel and contracting professionals can ask questions (and find answers) on all aspects of contracts, contracting, legal tech (and the Weagree Wizard).

More about our initiative soon (we are also going to involve our LinkedIn community of 51,715 members)!


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