Vacancy: innovation-minded lawyer

In close cooperation with inspiring customers, you will:

  • insert their model contract templates in the Weagree Wizard. This is not ‘legal engineering’ but puzzling with their key contracts
  • give training to (the lawyers at) our customers
  • help our customers with their legal-tech change-management challenges
  • support our implementation partners, both in the Netherlands and globally
  • propose improvements to our Weagree Wizard, and test new functionalities

Our customers will regularly seek your advice regarding best practices of model contracts, contract know-how and legal tech. Your work may include tasks in projects with Weagree’s partner, the United Nations.

You’ll learn ‘everything’ about cross-border contracting and all about international contracts. You’ll experience how the future of legal services develops under your hands. Our innovative customers will brainstorm with you about legal tech opportunities and their next steps.

You’ll be assigned great responsibility from the outset (and we will help you ‘as you go’). You’ll be working on large projects of which we are not only proud, but which are most inspiring

Vacancy: sales

Your sales-oriented work means that you will:

  • start a conversation with prospected licensees
  • build relationships with them, results-driven
  • learn about the needs of prospects and our customers, solution-oriented
  • give presentations
  • accompany our customers in making their first steps in legal innovation, up to successful implementation of their legal tech, our Weagree Wizard
  • maintain long-term relationships with our customers
  • explore sales-opportunities in collaboration with our partners

You will be assigned great responsibility from the outset (and we will help you ‘as you go’). Your mindset is international, global.

Internship: communication and marketing

Your internship should both allow you to do research for your academic credits, and lead to our external-communications strategy. In close collaboration with us, you will:

  • co-develop Weagree’s external-communications strategy (and planning).
  • contact our customers, to optimise a target-group-focused communication strategy
  • co-prepare materials to be used in online selling, social media and blogging.
  • improve your writing skills (Weagree is a ‘writing company’).
  • work in an innovation-minded environment (guerrilla, startup style).
  • work on communications-oriented tasks in projects with Weagree’s partner, the United Nations.

You will be assigned great responsibility from the outset. We will closely work together, in order to make your internship a success. You will be given sufficient opportunity to do your own research as required for your study.

Hopefully, your internship continues into a part-time job as student co-worker.

Terms of Use

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