Internship for excellent law student


UPDATE: The vacancy is filled successfully. Persons interested to work for Weagree can still apply to join our enthusiastic, passionate team.

The student will work on the finalisation of our book, training and examination materials on cross-border contracting, which materials will be used in training workshops and courses for the 50 LDC’s (the least developed countries worldwide).

The work includes a review of various specific legal topics (a quick scan of paragraphs related to cross-border payments, documentary credit, Vienna Convention CISG, and intellectual property law, as well as an actualisation of the paragraph on antitrust/competition law). You must have a good understanding of competition law (i.e. focus is on ordinary course contracting where dominant market position in manufacturing, resale, R&D research etc. might be questioned) demonstrated by either having passed your exam successfully or by being in the midst of such courses.

You will undertake this review in collaboration with and under supervision of Willem Wiggers.

The internship may include other work for Weagree, related to contract drafting and document automation. The review work will presumably take an overseeably limited period of time. The work must be done at our offices in Amsterdam.

For more information, contact Willem Wiggers (+31 6 461 555 08,