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Vacancies * Smart Law Students *


We are hiring smart law school students, who will be available regularly during the forthcoming year or two. Ideally, you are a third year law student. Potentially, your future employer is amongst our customers.

Our students…
…are ambitious, communicative team players with an independent, creative mind.

  • You’re computer-wise (preferring keyboard shortcuts over mousing).
  • Your English is excellent.
  • You have succesfully written (university) bachelor exams on private (contract) law.
  • You’re authentically interested and eager to learn.

Disruptive and inspiring innovator
Weagree is changing an industry. With a focus on user-friendliness, our ‘Weagree Wizard’ relieves legal professionals of routine contract drafting work, helps companies control risk and improves their efficiency. Weagree’s contract assembly wizard creates contracts of the highest standard.

We enjoy being recognised as an expert on best practices of contract drafting, and like to inspire our customers by improving their quality of contracting. Weagree’s natural target customers are multinationals, large SMEs with cross-border activities, and law firms. We help them accelerate contract drafting. They are enthusiastic about our services.

Looking for
We like to work with ambitious students to support our customers. The work consists of inserting contract templates and related contract template questionnaires into the Weagree Wizard. You will conduct preparatory research and analysis work on model contracts.

Initially, you will receive a few weeks of training during which you will become familiar with contracts and how to insert and modify contract templates in the Weagree Wizard. In your work, you can familiarise yourself with international commercial legal practice. You will see how top quality contracts are drafted. We will call upon you from time to time, as and when needed to meet our customers’ demand. Your work location will be at our offices in Amsterdam.

We kindly invite you to send your motivation letter and CV to:

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Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which: