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Weagree Wizard: upgrade of the administrator tooling

Yesterday, we released a new software upgrade of the contract assembly wizard: version 3.5.0!

Especially for administrators, the new upgrade of the Weagree Wizard means a considerable upgrade.

Inserting templates will become more user-friendly. And we already know what “user-friendliness” means:

  • Simple and attractive. Highly intuitive interaction design, no abundance of explanatory notes. (You’re likely to see them only the first times, before they become distractive ‘noise’.) An attractive interface serves the considerable change-management challenges.
  • Giving a strong sense of being ‘in control: well-designed navigation, an underwaterscreen in which the contract appears real time.
  • Only seeing what is relevant.
  • Maximum flexibility.

For this upgrade, improved user-friendliness brings:

I.     On the New contracts page, templates can be accompanied by an explanatory note in the well-known info-icon.

II.     Three improvements of the Clause library:

  1. more flexibility to attach (explanatory) files to clauses.
  2. management of clauses has become easier.
  3. we included search functionality for the administrator.

III.     We replaced the entire ‘template creation tool’ (see the screenshot below):

  1. over 250 icons were replaced by new icons. Their design appeals more logically and intuitively to the functionality they trigger.
  2. copying text through the Microsoft notepad is unnecessary: all invisible, Word-originating clutter is filtered out automatically.
  3. icon text flags are more instructive.
  4. performance issues with super large templates have been solved.
  5. inserting cross-references has been optimised.
  6. building blocks (contract articles) can be converted into contract clauses (sections) and vice versa.
  7. clause names may now contain diacritic characters (such as: ‘, ” , & etc.) and be in Russian, Arabic and Chinese (etc.) characters.
  8. modifying tables is more flexible.
  9. the template navigation bar scrolls, focuses, and is redesigned.
  10. the Wizard-internal clipboard (for copy-paste) has been optimised.
  11. several administrator actions have been  simplified and automated.
  12. several ‘erroneous’ actions commonly made by less-experienced administrators are alerted automatically.

IV.     The order in which Schedules or Annexes appear in the contract can be modified.

V.      Text can be set in ALL-CAPS or Small-Caps (whilst inserted in underscores).

VI.     The screen that appears during contract generation is restyled and more dynamic. It gives the user a more convenient experience.

Here is a screenshot of the administrator’s ‘template creation tool’, where the model contract is inserted and the Q&A is added:

Weagree TCT 20 12 2013 Contract automation Weagree

We have prepared the Weagree Wizard for our next roadmap steps. The current improvements make the Weagree Wizard a highly modularised, flexible application.

In the meantime, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which: