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Accelerate your contract cycle

Are your contracting processes inefficient? Signed contracts difficult to find? Slow internal responsiveness and a lack of teamwork brake your business. You’ll accelerate with contract automation and contract management software (CLM) using AI.

Contracts involve many stakeholders and contracting many intertwined sub-processes. “Accelerating” means disentangling sub-processes and automating each. That’s what we do.

User-friendly: creating flow and autonomy, reinforcing compliance. Plus: making implementation easy – descending a mountain.

Show me how to accelerate
Achievements are thanks to our customers and partners:

Exceptional user-friendliness.

A roadmap of 15 years innovation leading to end-to-end contract lifecycle management.

Why Weagree is a global leader in contract automation? Close collaboration with our customers makes it exceptionally user-friendly. Our shared passion for innovation and legal tech
packed Weagree with functionality and accelerates your end-to-end contracting cycle:

Realtime editor (WYSIWYG).

Check your contract real-time while answering the Q&A. Modify clauses as you go. Collaborate with colleagues and guest users. What You See Is What You Get.

Clause library.

During the Q&A, plug in clauses to tailor your contract. Unprecedented management of model clauses. Let your team build contract know-how with one click.

Approval workflows.

Advanced contract-approval workflows: easy to implement. Q&A-triggered workflows, parallel approval flows, sequential workflows, in-questionnaire communication.

Large-transaction management.

If your project includes multiple contracts or documents, Weagree is your most efficient way to collaborate, create all documents and coordinate e-signing.

Entity management.

Immediate insight into corporate structure (org chart), authorisations, corporate documents and certifications, contracts; also of your suppliers and customers.


Automated contract review of first-drafts received from the other party. Automated import of signed contracts into your CLM. All using AI and NLP. Unique machine learning capability.

Floating-deadlines management.

Notifications for all contract deadlines; also if deadlines depend on other contract dates or milestones; also if they change constantly.

E-signing integrated.

Initiate e-signing and monitor all signatories' actions from within Weagree, using your own e-signing provider. Automated processing of all receipts and the e-signed documents.

…and much much more. Only enter prepared to be amazed.

For us, collaborating with customers means creating excellence. With our type of customers, it means full-scope features for everyone.

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Weagree: developing contract automation, CLM and AI,
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Contract automation accelerates

Is creating a contract an uphill battle? Worried that transactions are not reflected in a contract? Losing deal momentum due to slow contracting, even failing to finish? Most parts of contract creation are fact-finding, can be delegated, allow process optimisation and risk management to be automated.

With contract automation, response times turn to zero, you will sprint at deal-momentum. Everyone uses the best materials (no redundant baggage), accelerating business. Control the flow by integrating with SharePoint, CRM and other applications, with advanced approval workflows, plug in e-signing and many free contract templates. It’s fun to cycle.

Weagree is a global leader in contract automation
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Res 4 Contract Management Software Accelerates End-To-End Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract management software accelerates

Many contracts extend automatically when a termination deadline was missed. Not managing your contractual obligations (no CLM) implies missing options. Poor contract management is time-consuming, cost-increasing and risky – chasse patate (a goose chase)! Instead, a contract lifecycle management system (CLM) reminds you of deadlines, provides instant insight in contractual rights and prevents cost overruns.

No-one likes to register and maintain signed contracts. No-one likes to revisit a signed contract, since an archive is dusty and often difficult to search. It’s not usually one-click access. Therefore, a CLM must be easy to maintain. With easy search-and-filter options that unchain contractual benefits. Notify you timely. Weagree has integrated contract management software (CLM). Accelerate, not brake.

Implementing CLM takes only a few minutes!

Championing implementation accelerates

Don’t you know where or how to start? Missing a roadmap? Afraid that not everyone in your team will adopt legal tech?

If you start implementing contract automation or contract management software and ignore the basics of change management, all efforts may be worthless. Cycling with a flat tyre is a recipe for quitters. Become a champion in implementing your legal-tech journey successfully.

Weagree’s framework with the nine parameters correctly tuned, overcomes resistance. Because: what looks like resistance is often a lack of clarity. The implementation roadmap and framework give you everything you need to know to cycle every mountain, and stay in time.

Weagree: 15 years of expertise in implementing legal tech
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Drafting contracts – know-how accelerates

We collaborate a lot with our customers, and are the partner of the United Nations. It’s a team effort. Following our passion and making an impact. We are doing it for each other – creating valuable things.

So, we share an abundance of expertise:

Weagree: 25+ years of expertise in legal practice

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