Implementation of contract automation and CLM

With every implementation of contract automation, contract management software (CLM), entity management, approval workflows or related legal tech, you will face serious challenges. Most challenging is the change management. You don’t want to make one of the three diagnostic errors (see below). When a legal tech feels comfortable and familiar, people are ready for ambassadorship.

You will be more successful if you know what to do, how to prioritise and adopt a vision. Align your plans with our framework for change management. Become a champion-implementation!

Your legal tech roadmap

Firstly, you need a roadmap, a vision… For every organisation, there is a natural course of implementing legal tech solutions and integrating it with the IT landscape. Your needs and priorities depend on your specific context – it is your mix between tech and behaviour. We have a lot of experience with this.

Admin tutorial videos

Setting up the structure (quickly insert your templates and create Q&A’s):

  • How to insert templates (yourself). inserting your model contracts and clause-library clauses is easy.
    Everything you need to know takes admin-training of some 5-6 hours ( ! ). It is all explained in our 25 admin tutorial videos.
  • Template insertion support: we have partners who can support you inserting your model contracts and templates into Weagree’s contract automation Wizard.

Change management: our framework of 9 parameters

Thirdly, you don’t want to make one of the three diagnostic errors resulting in a complete failure. Even with a great application, you will arrive nowhere if your team members do not change their way of working (how-to change management). We have developed a complete framework of implementation to help you implement contract automation and CLM in your organisation.

You are not alone on this one! Our framework of 9 parameters starts here.

We love it when a plan comes together