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DMS – transaction management

Transaction management is challenging without a proper DMS (document management system). It may involve dozens or even hundreds of contract versions, contract-related, transaction-related or party-related files. It easily becomes a mess. Organising transaction files manually, is not only time-consuming, but also challenging when colleagues are involved. Finding back your files is often even more time-consuming without a DMS.

Watch the video to see how Weagree’s DMS accelerates your transaction management-work.

Each step of transaction management is small, negligibly simple. But through the workday, time adds up significantly. Moreover, what if you lose a contract or transaction-related file? This can happen easily without a well-structured document management solution.

The 11 annoyances of transaction management

Weagree’s DMS is not merely embedded in contract automation and CLM, our DMS solves the 11 annoyances related to transaction management:

  1. Your contracts – not scattered everywhere
  2. Contract versions – not cluttered with other files
  3. Upload a new version – not clicking subfolders
  4. Not using the other party’s file naming habits
  5. No confusion over version numbers
  6. No hesitation what a contract-file was about
  7. Not everyone needs to see all contract files (access is role-based or defined by authorisation level)
  8. No hassle in comparing versions (one click only)
  9. You name your files and documents (your naming conventions)
  10. Archive files for later (one click only to clean up your repository)
  11. Retrieve archived files if a dispute arises (one click only)

See how it works in our short video:

No surprise that Weagree solves all these annoyances, as much as possible automated. Various other classic DMS features are on our roadmap (e.g. to store-and-manage transaction-related e-mails alongside your contracts on SharePoint).

Weagree DMS for easy transaction management

We understand how contract negotiations work and what the dynamics of transactions can be. Weagree DMS is designed by lawyers for lawyers. It is an integrated document management solution: your permanent workplace for organising and overseeing all pending contracts and related documents.

Weagree DMS accelerates the pre-contractual stage of negotiations. It automates countless manual user actions related to transaction management and managing all related files. And of course, it is fully integrated component of Weagree’s end-to-end contracting, as document management relates to at all stages of a contract lifecycle:

  • Contract creation
  • E-signing
  • CLM (contract lifecycle management – so post-signing – repositories and deadline alerting)
  • Contract-tasks management (Kanban)

User-friendly features

Several functionalities and user-friendly features within our DMS make your life easier and accelerate the development and maintenance of your contract know-how.

Our DMS retains the version history of the contract, documenting all changes, approvals and feedback throughout its lifecycle.

Weagree’s DMS uses metadata to manage and maintain your contract repository, including document type, date, version number and an explanatory personal note. Although Weagree retrieves such data automatically, any manual input is triggered intuitively as part of the file handling steps.

Furthermore, as negotiations proceed, you can archive contract-related files to keep the transaction management easy and manageable (as shown in the video).

The DMS facilitates providing guest users access. Yet, guest users do not necessarily have access to all files of the transaction, as the internal stakeholders can manage the visibility of files in a transaction’s repository (authorisation-based file-access rights).

Collaborative contracting also applies to Weagree DMS: take care of your colleagues’ transactions, for example, during times when a colleague is unavailable due to illness. The DMS enables legal leadership to take care of team members’ workload: effortlessly access and manage their busyness – intuitively.

Users can forward emails with attachments, be it contracts or negotiation versions, directly to the Weagree portal for convenient management and storage alongside other transaction-related files.

The forwarded email is in the user’s in-app Inbox from where it can be picked up either for creating a new contract entry or just to store it alongside an existing transaction (precontractual, or post-signing in the CLM).

Weagree DMS can operate as your central workspace integrated with SharePoint (or other external DMS solutions). Accordingly, all transaction-related documents can be stored on the relevant SharePoint sites, in the folder path predefined by the admin or selected by the end-user. In that case, Weagree remains your central contract workplace.

No more tedious clicks through numerous SharePoint sites and folders – everything is seamlessly centralised within Weagree. Users can enjoy exceptional flexibility while enforcing company storage policies and deploying SharePoint access rights.

If storage is better organised in another DMS (document management system), Weagree can be integrated with fully automated data and files sync, import or export integrations. Users experience the familiar Weagree Wizard environment, while the contract files are stored on SharePoint, iManage or similar systems.

Of course, you can equally easy manage contracts, contract-related files, schedules and contract versions not originating from Weagree’s contract automation (non-automated templates or third-party drafted contracts) for management in Weagree CLM.

So, not only create your contracts but also collect the documents and files related to that contract. This simplifies the organisation of your pending transactions.

As Weagree DMS is fully integrated with contract automation and CLM, you can already enter, modify and manage your (future) obligations, rights and other contract metadata during the precontractual stage. This reduces the burdens associated with CLM-registration.

As you can start managing or modifying contract metadata while negotiations are still pending, you can already forecast or monitor all such metadata from the moment a contract is created in Weagree.

Moreover, Weagree’s advanced contract-reporting capabilities enable end-users and management to create one-click reports or insights.

Your business case for Weagree’s DMS

The perks of an integrated document management functionality (a DMS) are undisputable.

  • Improved efficiency: It helps team members and individuals find information quickly, with features like personalised search & filter buttons, email forward to a user’s in-app inbox, centrally organised feedback and more.
  • Improved security and compliance: Through a centralised document storage, version control and automated workflows, our DMS enhances compliance with data retention policies. Thanks to role-based and user-profile defined access control, Weagree DMS improves data integrity and minimises risk of data loss or unauthorised access.
  • Reduces cost: By streamlining document management as an integral part of Weagree’s end-to-end contracting solution, Weagree DMS automates tedious tasks, such as document routing and workflows, reducing the need for manual intervention and speeding up contract processes.
  • User-friendliness: Our DMS features exceptional user-friendliness and ease of use. Its intuitive interface allows users to navigate effortlessly using various shortcuts (one-click access), accessing important documents, its versions and related information – just a few clicks away.

DMS benefits quickly translate to time and cost savings for your entire legal department. An effective DMS requires little to no change management effort.

Curious about Weagree’s extensive DMS capabilities? Let's evaluate how your business can take advantage.

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Terms of Use

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