Legal entity management and corporate housekeeping in Weagree

Legal entity management and org charts

Who may sign contracts and represent any legal entity in the corporate org-chart? In which legal entities are the managing directors appointed and authorised to sign? Which powers of attorney are granted on behalf of a legal entity (to whom and with which scope of authority)? 

Proper legal entity management software and corporate housekeeping gives one-click access to:

  • Managing directors, NEDs and authorised representatives
  • Shareholders and subsidiaries (shareholdings, share classes)
  • Corporate details (formal addresses, tax status)

Legal entity management gives immediate access to all documentation in relation to each group company, neatly organised:

  • Resolutions resolutions, board resolutions and minutes
  • Powers of attorney
  • All contracts by that entity
  • Certifications, permits and business licences
  • Constitutional documents, bylaws and shareholders agreements
  • Accounting and tax documents and forms

Your compliance programme requires that you have immediate insight into all your group companies’ rights and obligations. You want to know which legal entity is the shareholder of another, and which are their subsidiaries.

Org-chart. To make the corporate group structure accessible, you want to create an org-chart (one click, of course). And if you wish: all this information for your suppliers, customers and partners as well.

CRM integrations. Weagree’s legal entity management software is fully integrated internally with contract automation and CLM. Integrations are also externally: the party database synchronises or integrates smoothly with your CRM (Salesforce, Dynamics, SAP, Oracle etc.).

Free import and transfer services. If you already have a legal entity management solution: Weagree has an automated transfer service, enabling you to transfer the entire corporate housekeeping data set into Weagree. Of course, because Weagree’s entity management is fully integrated with both contract automation and CLM, the data migration tooling enables you to transfer not only the legal entity data but also all data of all contracts of each imported legal entity.

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Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which: