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Demo videos – end-to-end contracting

Through a series of walk-through demo videos, explore the baseline key functionalities and features of Weagree’s end-to-end contracting application. Before diving deeper, let’s start with a general overview video:

The videos below address Weagree’s baseline end-to-end contracting, from Contract automation, AI-contracting, Contract lifecycle management (CLM), DMS (transaction management), Contract tasks management (Kanban), E-signing integration, and Contract reporting to why Weagree is so remarkably user-friendly (Weagree UX design).

Contact us to learn more about extensive use-cases or more advanced features.

Contract automation (contract creation)

Inefficiencies in contracting processes put a brake on your business, especially if multiple stakeholders are involved. This first video shows how to accelerate your contract creation stage (including with an integrated clause library):


AI-contracting generates spectacular results. It accelerates several parts of your contracting processes:

  • Reviewing a first draft contract received from the counterparty
  • Making a risk assessment of a contract
  • Registering a contract in your CLM
  • Summarising a contract or contract clause
  • Summarising a portfolio of contracts (due diligence)

Watch this video that walks you through Weagree’s AI-automated contract review. It takes a distribution agreement as an example, and showcases some of the spectacular capabilities.

Contract lifecycle management (CLM)

No-one likes to register and maintain signed contracts or revisit signed contracts in a dusty, non-searchable archive. Poor control over your contracts leads to revenue leakage: missing contractual benefits because of lack of insight into your contract data or no-alerts at all. Weagree’s contract lifecycle management  software (CLM) is your user-friendly enterprise-grade solution.

Accelerate, don’t hit the brakes. Watch this video that shows you many of Weagree’s contract lifecycle management functionalities, including obligations management, contract repository and notifications.

Weagree DMS (easy transaction management)

Our DMS (a true Weagree workspace) is the user’s permanent workplace for managing all pending contracts. Uploading contracts, contract-related files, schedules and contract versions not originating from Weagree’s contract automation – all is possible. As the video demonstrates, managing contract versions and making compares takes only two clicks. Watch it yourself: 

Weagree’s DMS integrates perfectly smooth with external document management solutions such as SharePoint or OneDrive. In such case, your contracts and files will be stored in such DMS, while transactions are managed centrally from within Weagree. Such setup accelerates both transaction management and user-adoption of contract automation or CLM.

Integrated E-signing

With Weagree, you can easily get your contracts e-signed, sealed and delivered all from within one place?!  The Weagree Wizard has fully integrated plugins :

  • to receive and manage the e-signing receipts,
  • to monitor your signing process,

from draft to e-signed. E-signing accelerates your business! Watch it yourself: 

Contract tasks Kanban

Visualise and manage your contract workflow, because contracts involve many stakeholders and contracting many intertwined sub-processes. Managing a transaction or coordinating contracts can be quite a task:

  • to find, inform and involve internal stakeholders
  • receive their input timely
  • ensuring that progress is made in negotiations
  • obtain approvals
  • keep track of all your contracts

Weagree’s tasks kanban functionality brings full visibility and efficiency in automating contract sub-processes and creating momentum within your contracting practice. This video showcases how Weagree’s integrated task management and Weagree’s Kanbans run through the entire lifecycle in real-time. Watch it yourself: 

Contract reporting

Visualising data and having insights into various dimensions of your contracting affairs is an extremely powerful means to accelerate productivity, decision-making and establish trust or confidence. Weagree’s actionable reporting and analysis dashboard allows for reporting on various aspects of the business, with just a few clicks.

The video below shows how to create general contracting widgets on the dashboard, as well as personal widgets for the purpose of monitoring and reporting on various data. Watch it yourself: 

Weagree's UX (user-experience)

Working with our end-to-end contraction solution means extra functionality, less complexity and more flexibility. Weagree is extremely user-friendly. Don’t believe us? 

Watch it yourself! This video walks you through Weagree’s intuitive contracting dashboard, the use of contracting widgets (drag and drop) and how they provide you control over your contracting practice.  

No-code admin tooling

We have recorded an admin training course (11 short admin video tutorials of altogether 4 hours). Weagree’s admin tooling is not only super easy to learn, it is also no code. Follow the Weagree admin training yourself. You will see how user-friendly, intuitive and easy implementing contract automation is.

In addition, we have created video tutorials aimed at those who use the Weagree Wizard as an administrator. The video tutorials emphasise how user-friendly inserting your templates is and how little effort (or cost) the implementation requires. 

It is not low-code – it is no code: if you like solving puzzles, you will enjoy implementing and maintaining Weagree.

If you prefer a personal demo, contact us for a webinar.

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Terms of Use

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