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Senior sales consultant

[CLOSED] An experienced sales professional to spearhead our customer’s success stories and help scale up Weagree’s growth. You would be responsible for the global adoption of Weagree’s leading contract management and CLM solution (“Weagree Wizard”).  Two key responsibilities: Sales: generating

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Office manager

[CLOSED] We are looking for an energetic and independent person with excellent social skills who will implement and maintain procedures and office administrative systems within Weagree. You will ensure a smooth overall functioning within the Weagree office organising wide-ranging administrative,

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Open application

Are you enthusiastic about Weagree? We might be able to offer you something inspiring. If you are interested in doing a traineeship or a thesis project, you can send an open application with your motivation letter, CV, and study results

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Join the fastest-growing legal technology innovator

Weagree is a global leading innovator that is transforming the legal industry. Our end-to-end contracting software application the ‘Weagree Wizard’ relieves legal professionals of contract creation work in an utterly disruptive way. It creates contracts of the highest standard, usually in the core business of our customers.

We are also recognised as an expert on best practices of contract drafting, and we inspire our customers by improving their quality of contracting.

Since 2006, we have been innovating, pioneering the future of legal services. Blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are natural extensions of our Weagree Wizard.

Our team and culture

We are a small team of passionate people who are committed to a value-driven approach to doing business.

We value:

Excellence. We are committed to excellence in everything we do, always and everywhere, with a view to creating permanency with our customer’s interests. 

Learning. The pleasure of learning is a driving force. We continuously seek to improve ourselves and to encourage others to achieve their full potential, to be receptive to differing opinions and to enjoy collaboration.

Authenticity. We build our relationships on respect and reliability, appreciating openness and honesty.

If you resonate with our values, come join us in our journey to transforming the legal industry.

Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which:

Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which: