Weagree’s advisory board

Weagree’s advisory board. We strongly recommend that any startup company seeks external advisers, and meet with them regularly. We are proud to have such knowledgeable, experienced and loyal advisory board, always available for quick feedback, tips or reflection, making Weagree’s proposition one of (our values) ‘excellence‘ and ‘learning‘. And finally, we have the members of […]

Failing to implement contract automation successfully? 9 best practices

Do you have team members who ‘resist’ change? Are you short of time to innovate effectively? Don’t know where or how to start? Does implementing contract automation feel like a mountain – without a starting point, like an endless project? Do the grapes hang too high for some of your team? Meeting these challenges is […]

Student internship – marketing and communications

Your internship should lead to the establishment of Weagree’s complete external-communications strategy, elaborating this in a plan (and planning). Social media-marketing and blogging will play an important role in this. We will launch a crowdsource aiming at our LinkedIn community of 32,000+ members, to be co-ordinated by you. Part of your internship are various communications-oriented […]

100+ contracts in under two minutes, and multitasking

Contract automation made faster. If only you could multitask, create your contracts much faster, and make model maintenance easier. That’s precisely what the new Weagree contract automation Wizard (version 7.0) does: making contract creation faster than ever before. We added a feature allowing lawyers to multitask and have made template insertion (even) easier. Multitasking: feedback […]