Weagree contract automation

Contract drafting

Online book: Drafting contracts. The contracts and building blocks with contract clauses provided as part of Weagree Wizard are drafted in accordance with generally accepted drafting principles. These principles are reflected in a book written by Willem Wiggers. The entire book is freely available here. Or go straight to those topics of your immediate interest:

  1. General principles of writing contracts
  2. Matters of style and legal culture
  3. Main contract outline (the building blocks of a contract)
  4. Structuring the transaction documents
  5. The presentation, look & feel of contracts
  6. Typical drafting habits and legalese
  7. Definitions and contract-interpretation clauses
  8. Particular types of clauses (e.g. conditions, covenants, representations and warranties, limitations of liability and indemnity, confidentiality)
  9. Contract assembly software (implementation, preparations)

LinkedIn group. We have founded and moderate the LinkedIn group Drafting contracts. With 40,000+ members from over 170 countries, this is a rich source of best practices on international contracts and cross-border contracting generally. Because we moderate the group, you will not find advertisements or newsletter-announcement. The quality of discussions in the community is very high.