Contract automation demo video Weagree

On the homepage, you might have missed our overview demo video of Weagree’s end-to-end contract automation and CLM wizard. Here it is again (and some more videos underneath):

If you’re familiar with contract automation (contract creation), here is a contract automation demo video of Weagree highlighting several key functionalities of Weagree’s contract automation wizard:

If you want to watch a demo video of our contract lifecycle management (CLM) part, where e-signed contracts are managed (whether created in Weagree or elsewhere), watch the CLM demo video elsewhere on this site.

Some older contract automation demo videos…

Many moons ago, we recorded a more elaborate first impression of Weagree’s contract creation application, followed by 8 minutes highlighting the key features. It shows the extraordinary user-friendliness of the Weagree Wizard and how easy you can tailor-make your own contracts. You will appreciate that the look & feell has now been upgraded:

After watching our contract automation demo videos of Weagree, why don’t you take a look into the Weagree Wizard yourself?

It takes a few minutes and the Q&A-questions point you at powerful features:

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Admin tutorial videos

We have recorded an admin training course (11 short admin video tutorials of altogether 4 hours). Follow the Weagree admin training yourself (click here). You will see how user-friendly, intuitive and easy implementing contract automation is.

In addition, we have created video tutorials aimed at those who use the Weagree Wizard as an administrator. The 21 video tutorials emphasise how user-friendly inserting your templates is and how little effort (or cost) the implementation requires. 

If you prefer a personal demo, contact us for a webinar.

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Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which: