Demo video Weagree contract automation wizard

If you’re familiar with contract automation, here is a video highlighting several key functionalities of Weagree’s contract automation wizard:

A more elaborate first impression of Weagree’s contract creation application, followed by 8 minutes highlighting the key features, shows the extraordinary user-friendliness of the Weagree Wizard and how easy you can tailor-make your own contracts:

The Weagree Wizard has been developed into a complete end-to-end contract management solution – the Weagree Workspace – the user’s permanent workplace for managing all pending contracts. It is possible to upload contracts and contract versions not originating from Weagree’s contract automation (so both contracts received from the other party and contracts from Word-templates outside the Weagree Wizard).

Managing contract versions and making compares takes only two clicks, as the video demonstrates:

A number of functionalities in the Weagree Wizard make your life easier and accelerate the development and maintenance of your contract know-how. For example, you do not need to collect and organise your feedback on model contract templates in Post-It notes or to-do lists anymore. While creating a contract, you can push any feedback on the contract template or questionnaire to the admin (or for handling later).

We have created video tutorials aimed at those who use the Weagree Wizard as an administrator. The 21 video tutorials emphasise how user-friendly inserting your templates is and how little effort (or cost) the implementation requires. Three of these video tutorials are particularly worth watching if you are considering taking a licence under the Weagree Wizard:

Interested firms and companies can gain access to a ‘live’ demo portal. Would you like access too? Please contact Weagree here. If you already have access, click here to log in.

If you would prefer a personal demo, contact us for a webinar.

End-to-end contracting includes the lifecycle after signing a contract, which is also covered by the Weagree Wizard. So don’t forget to watch the demo video on our webpage dedicated to Weagree’s contract (lifecycle) management (CMS or CLM).

Why don’t you take a look into the Weagree Wizard yourself? It takes a few minutes and the Q&A-questions point you at powerful features:

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