Realtime editor WYSIWYG in contract automation (Weagree)
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Realtime editor (WYSIWYG) in contract automation

Edit contracts with a real-time editor (WYSIWYG)

  • Real-time editing and redlining
  • Automatic contract versioning
  • Tablet & smartphone responsive layout

For many people, contract automation feels like abandoning control. Filling out a questionnaire is unsettling, like walking through a dark tunnel. If you cannot immediately check your answer or verify if the necessary nuance is present, you prefer a word document (for ease of use). This is where delay and inefficiency join the race. It’s also where having a real-time editor (WYSIWYG) for contracts makes the difference.

Weagree’s real-time editor (WYSIWYG) allows you to keep track of every change to your contract in real-time.

Edit and track changes to your contract. Easily tweak your contract real-time. Double-check your contract in a WYSIWYG viewer (your underwater screen) as you answer the questionnaire. The generated Word document includes all your tweaks as if they had always been there all the time.

View in split-screen mode. The real-time WYSIWYG screen can be separated from the browser. While answering the Q&A, simply detach Weagree’s real-time editor and move it to a second monitor. On mobile phones, swipe to access the real-time editor.

Save time collaborating. End-users can comment, propose or discuss changes with colleagues by @mentioning a colleague – while continuing to answer the Q&A questions. The under-water-screen will track the changes (redlining).

Template Post-its. End-users can give feedback on questionnaires, contract clauses or Q&A options. The feedback is collected in the admin tooling. Admins, with just one click access, can apply all feedback into the right template. Your template is updated in a few clicks. Weagree makes template maintenance super-easy. No more Post-its or notebook scribbles for improving your templates.

Weagree is unique in this: no other contract automation solution offers this level of convenience and control.

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Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which: