Managing floating contract deadlines in Weagree's CLM
weagree implementation services Managing floating contract deadlines

Managing floating contract deadlines

If your organisation is in the world of managing large construction projects or managing floating contract deadlines. So, if your contracts are simply large or complex, and contain numerous deadlines, milestones and deliverables. In those contracts, before, during and after the project is completed, you must overcome challenges of planning, monitoring and management.

Managing changing contract deadlines is an art, if you were to do that manually:

  • Managing webs of floating deadlines and keeping everyone informed about changes, is challenging.
  • If a deadline is missed, extra monitoring and coordination become necessary to prevent delays.

While project management tooling enables the management of deadlines, it does ‘not typically’ amend contracts automatically.

The negative consequences of inconsistent contracts or delays in completion are easy to imagine in relation to large construction projects. Inadequate contract management undermines a company’s reputation.

Project. Deadline. Manage. Succeed.

Managing webs of deadlines – requires contract automation integrated with contract management.

Construction projects entail webs of many deadlines, and most of those deadlines depend on each other. and the way they depend might vary. Moreover, with the progressing of time, deadlines might change, their interdependency might change.

Now then… if any uncertainties arise, people turn to the contracts for the truth.

Together with Deutsche Bahn, Weagree has expanded its CLM capabilities. Weagree’s CLM:

  • adjusts to changing both deadlines
  • and their interdependency
  • and notifies all stakeholders timely.

In case of managing projects, with numerous contracts or contract-related documentation (or anyhow in projects consisting of many documents), you are probably also interested to hear more about Weagree’s projects functionality

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