Contract Lifecycle Management (Clm)

Contract automation and calculating dates and deadlines

Every construction project, large and small, entails a voluminous, detailed construction agreement and gigabytes of documentation, embodied in hundreds of schedules. It’s never simple. Accuracy, consistency and manageability are crucial success factors. Contract automation supports calculating dates and deadlines in contracts correctly. And challenging Deutsche Bahn.

Many stakeholders are involved in creating accurate documentation and in monitoring the construction project. Everyone involved needs to see only that, what is relevant for them. Nothing more.

This becomes increasingly challenging where contract data are to be reused in multiple documents, or if those data are updated during the preparations or implementation of the project. Inconsistencies imply ambiguity, giving rise to disputes.

This is a track where Weagree is at its best. Calculating dates and deadlines is easy.

Delays in railway construction projects affect the day-to-day life of citizens. Any negative news will surely backfire on the public reputation of Deutsche Bahn.

Contract automation in optima forma, creating large sets of inter-related documents. Bringing the countless floating deadlines to the surface, making sure that each deadline is identified. Even where most deadlines depend on other deadlines and their variability changes from project-to-project.

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