Our roadmap for 2024 - Weagree

Our roadmap for 2024

What’s 2024 going to bring? Lots of presents and surprises for our customers!

Ten years ago, we defined our twofold strategy, to focus on:

  • Collaborative contracting
  • Connectivity

…everything to smoothen the exchange of data and files, and to accelerate a transaction cycle.

These two pillars still steer our roadmap choices.

AI capabilities

We started with AI in 2019, so Weagree can do already much more than you may think. Yet, no surprise that there are many features towards a fully automated contract negotiation and an almost automated deal closing. Therefore, AI-additions will strengthen our AI-related functionalities (making Weagree’s AI-features even more user-friendly).

We invite you to explore the exciting possibilities and join us on our AI-track: automating your contracting process end-to-end has started. Weagree’s existing AI (supporting) capabilities are already impressive, but needless to say that AI is a track for you to step onto asap. It’s easier than you think, because implementation takes hardly any time or effort. 

Contract negotiation module

Strengthening the in-app Contract negotiation functionality:

  • Advanced track-changes (distinguishing internal vs. external tracing of changes in negotiation versions),
  • More-advanced in-app commenting (distinguishing internal vs. external discussions on proposed contract clauses),
  • Word-document-generating capability (to generate a version-2 Word-document with the formatting of the imported version), and
  • Additional e-mailing features (to send e-mails from within Weagree).

In-Weagree communications

Currently, there are numerous options to discuss negotiated clauses, to jointly answer Q&A-questions, to work together on multi-document transactions, to discuss approval requests, and to collaborate on contract-related tasks. We will strengthen these features.

Clause library in negotiations

Weagree’s clause library has always been one of the powerful features of contract automation. We are going to add clause library-insertion capabilities to the contract negotiation functionality. Users will then be able to add clauses from the clause library into a negotiation-version-2 (or later) of the contract. As with the current clause library functionality, such addition will also automatically update the definitions and the annexes, as well as cross-references.

Weagree DMS and transaction management

Weagree’s capabilities to accelerate multi-document transactions have already improved through 2023; we will likely introduce various small features. Think of more flexibility for the end-user and a smoother flow of precontractual transaction documents towards CLM-managed (signed) contracts.

Furthermore, e-mails will become storable alongside a contract (for those customers that integrated with SharePoint or other DMS). This would complete the features any Weagree user may need in connection with document management.

(AI-driven) risk assessment

As our customers mature their contract management capabilities, we are likely to strengthen the (AI-supported) risk assessment features: making risk assessments a more natural element of a contract lifecycle and introduce risk assessment on the level an entire contract portfolio. While very powerful, this would require only a small development effort.

Enterprise-wide CLM

We are considering several features to upgrade contract lifecycle management capabilities. For example, think of further integration with Weagree’s task Kanban: making the assignment of tasks related to managing or monitoring CLM parameters more powerful. This would elevate baseline contract management to a more granular and more robust level of supporting the business.

Contract reporting

Increase flexibility for end-users to choose a graphical representation of contract data. A few additional Weagree-predefined contract reporting widgets, incl. pie charts. (This will be in addition to existing world map visualisations, graphs, bar diagrams, counters.)

We encourage you to come up with suggestions for contract reporting features, because these widgets require only little development efforts and the widgets add great value to a legal department’s role and function in the organisation.

In-app support

We are recording hundreds of in-app how-to videos (short voiceless GIF-type of explainers of features available to the user). We always receive abundant compliments on what Weagree offers (without making Weagree feel complex or non-intuitive), but also the criticism that there is so much that users do not always know how it works. In-app support capabilities should address this.

Salesforce platform

We plan to extend the existing Salesforce integration plugin with an in-Salesforce ‘app’ module. While Weagree already offers the capability to document a sales funnel from quotation to contract, enabling an in-Salesforce experience likely accelerates our customers’ sales cycle. We may need a launching customer to develop this ‘Salesforce app’.

While our roadmap for 2024 might seem ambitious, many of these features are already in there in some form. We're not just expanding; we're enhancing what our customers already love.

Our real challenge for 2024?

 Spreading the word about the incredible potential your Weagree licence holds.

Stay tuned for a year filled with innovation, collaboration, and lots of surprises!

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Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which: