Upgrading your model contracts

Accelerated contract drafting

An important aspect of accelerated contract drafting is effective standardization. Standardization is a matter of developing or upgrading (building blocks of) model contracts and making smart choices in providing for options. Upgrading model contracts has two aspects: first, it is quality step-up into best practice contracting. Second, upgrading your contracts entails contract know-how management. Weagree has broad experience with both.

Best practices

Weagree upgrades model contracts in accordance with clear and consistent best practice drafting principles. Our contract drafting principles can be found on this website as well.

Weagree can assemble new model contracts out of sets of negotiated transaction precedents, and scrutinize and mark up existing models and precedents. In co-operation with the customer, we will address all company and industry-specific matters.

A two-step approach

Of course, fundamental policy choices on model contracts can be concentrated in one or two review sessions. However, the result may well be too rigid for day-to-day practice. You might prefer to prioritise pragmatically: first address the truly important aspects of your key model contracts and then fine-tune and expand to less frequent templates. Weagree can assist in such first upgrade. We recognise that model contracts are subject to differing (but valid) opinions of the lawyers involved. Weagree does not interfere in differing opinions (although we may challenge them to achieve an optimal result).

Upgrading advice

Ideally, upgrading model contracts and model clauses is more fundamental and an ongoing process. Weagree advises customers how they can set up upgrading processes and manage this effectively, and how pitfalls of such process can be avoided. Also, Weagree provides the related contract drafting services.

High quality templates included

The Weagree Wizard contains a library of precedents that can contribute to customers own best practice documents. Several of them are distributed free (for non-commercial use) and can be downloaded here.

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