Advanced approval workflows

Approval workflows can now be fully tailored to suit the customer’s risk management and internal controls, bringing Weagree in the top-20% of global workflow tooling. Workflow building blocks can be defined globally and applied locally (in a template or Q&A-question (Q&A-triggered workflows)), which accelerates implementation. Also, individual users can be subjected to approval.

Workflows can be triggered by Q&A-answers (Q&A-driven workflows), operate parallel so that multiple people can review different parts of a contract simultaneously, or sequential to create a succession of approvals by different people. All stakeholders involved in the approval flow can discuss a request for approval (one-click access to the Q&A): ask the submitter for clarification, formulate conditions for approval, or explain rejection. Such communications are stored with the contract, but also reflected in automated e-mail notifications.

The modular setup implies that workflows are composed dynamically (context and Q&A-driven). This prevents that countless context-specific workflows have to be defined and maintained. Configuring and deploying the workflows is a matter of minutes once the approval units (who approves what) and workflow building blocks have been defined.