Projects (large and complex transactions)

Transactions consisting of multiple contracts and documents can be linked together: Q&A-questions will be triggered once. For example, if the effective date of the transaction changes, it can be changed in one template and all underlying contract entries will be updated automatically.

It is possible to collaborate, involve multiple persones in the project. Each person so involved will only be able to access such templates as their user group or authorisation level permits (but they may see which other templates are part of the project).

Use cases:
* A term sheet-Q&A reused for creating the definitive agreement (LMA, SPA, APA, JVA etc.);
* A share purchase agreement and related agreement, have sets of closing documentation, a set for each of the target companies (eg. one SPA, with 80 subprojects consisting of PoA, shareholder resolution, board resolution, deed of pledge).
* A master services agreement serves as umbrella for subsequently created SOWs (statement of work) which link up to the MSA;
* Contract handover documentation: based on the transaction documentation, a tailored set of delivery documentation is created.
* English-language Q&A-answers reused to create a version in another language.