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Even Paris-Roubaix is about collaboration

When I think of Paris-Roubaix, I think of heroic cyclists combating either rain and muddy cobblestones, or a burning sun over a dusty road. It does not feel like ‘acceleration’. The course is about heroism. “Heroic” by all means because rain, mud, sun, and dust affect all individually.

For those who have seen it (a month ago), both the winner and the number two were from the same team. Not that ‘collaboration’ characterised the battle over the cobblestones between Paris and Roubaix. Still, acceleration is in the detail. That is where collaboration made a difference:

11 Collaborate GruberImages edit collaboration

Collaborating on contracts

Yesterday, a customer called me that she was seemingly unable to join a colleague in his contract questionnaire. Contract creation does not feel it’s like ‘acceleration’. And while contract creation is not a heroic affair, the collaboration will accelerate.

In the Weagree Wizard, we have numerous features supporting collaboration. A number of them are highlighted in our recent walk-through demo video of Weagree’s baseline functionalities.

Watch the demo video yourself; collaborative contracting is at the following times:

Collaborating with colleagues
0:20:55 + 0:22:13 – Collaborative contracting (chat with colleagues – 1/2)
0:38:06 – Collaborative contracting (support to/from colleagues – 2/2)

Collaborating with suppliers and customers
0:23:10 – Guest-users collaborate in answering the contract questionnaire (1/2)
0:35:43 – Guest-users support in transaction management (2/2)

Monitoring signed contracts (for your colleagues)
0:01:50 – CLM dashboard + end-to-end contracting widgets
1:13:06 – Personalised CLM filters to stay informed

Other features supporting collaboration
0:21:44 – Collaborating on template improvement
0:40:39 – Re-assign contracts to a colleague
0:54:16 – Contract tasks Kanban (incl. those of your colleague)
1:05:26 – Obligations management (contract type-specific)
1:15:47 – Reporting widgets (how to create)

A model collaboration agreement

This week, we shared a collaboration agreement on our open-source platform with dozens of high-quality model contracts. The model contract was developed by the U.N./WTO with over 50 law firms worldwide contributing to this template for a contractual alliance.

Oh, and we helped our customer, of course

Our customer was helped easily, as she was not assigned access rights to her colleague’s contractual affairs. Obviously, if there is a Chinese Wall, there is no way to cross. The Chinese Wall is not a road of cobblestones – it’s a wall. And while collaboration is key in contracting, sometimes a dividing wall is.

Being collaborative is how we like to be perceived.

Terms of Use

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Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which: