Weagree innovation bonus

Until 31 July 2019: start successful contract automation in such a way that you can free up the right people, prepare well, launch flexibly and follow your own planning, without paying unused time.

Many lawyers struggle making ‘the perfect start’ with contract automation. Hesitating because they do not oversee the entire process in all respects.

Indeed, implementing contract automation is often marked by a variety of small obstacles and challenges:

  • Templates remaining unfinished can delay your project considerably.
  • Not all your internal ambassadors are free to go.
  • Sometimes internal stakeholders need to provide the budget and persuading them about the immense potential of contract automation may be difficult.
  • Doubts about delegating contract creation to the business. You want to involve the business in contract creation but want to be familiar with our application first.
  • Hesitation whether to run a pilot with its inherent limitations regarding run-up time and duration.
  • Bad experiences with implementing pre-2016 contract management solutions increased reluctance.

You will easily pay too much, if only for the lapse of unused licence time.

Wouldn’t it be great to have implementation flexibility? To have mental freedom to experiment and to take your initial steps carefully? Starting with an inherent need-to-act implies a ‘soft deadline’ as a psychological incentive.

We know how challenging implementing contract automation and contract lifecycle management is. You need to free up the right team members; you first want to perfect the right contract template.

Our innovation bonus gives you flexibility

Until 31 July, Weagree offers you an innovation bonus: on all new licences, we apply a reduction of 60 percent on the licence fee.

Does it apply to you?

Weagree’s innovation bonus expires on 31 July 2019. It is a one-off offer.

The innovation bonus applies to the users whom you want to start with, if the initial licence fee (after deducting the innovation bonus) exceeds EUR 6,000. The actual start, roll-out or implementation (naming users and receiving account details) may take place anytime.

In case of a SaaS licence, the 60-percent reduction applies to the initial year of the licence (or to the first year of the now-added users). In case of perpetual licences, a 25-percent licence fee reduction applies, and the related maintenance & support and hosting will be calculated based on the regular price. The bonus does not apply to pilots (with a duration of less than nine months).

Legadex adds an extra bonus

Our implementation-partner Legadex offers a parallel innovation bonus for those who start. For all template-insertion and other implementation support with the Weagree Wizard, Weagree customers can purchase a credits-card (strippenkaart) from Legadex.

Legadex’ credits-cards (strippenkaart) is also a one-time offer and can be obtained until 31 August 2019. Weagree customers may commit any number of hours they need. Legadex offers template insertion services at EUR 65 per hour. The credits-card setup allows Legadex to proactively service the customer and to further scale up their support team.

The month August permits you to assess with Weagree or Legadex how much time you need. Legadex’ credits-card should be used before 31 January 2020. Any then-remaining credits are not lost but will convert to hours based on EUR 85 per hour.

Legadex has published an article about Weagree in their Legadex Magazine.