Innovation bonus: 70 percent discount on licences


Contract automation innovation bonus. We want to find out whether and how we can help interested parties with the implementation of the Weagree Wizard by offering extra flexibility for a limited period. Therefore we offer an innovation bonus:

For SAAS licences: a 70 percent discount on the SAAS user licences!

For perpetual licences: a discount of 30 percent will apply.

Bonus conditions. The innovation bonus offer is one off and valid until Thursday 30 November 2017. In case of SAAS, it applies to the initial year of licence (or the newly taken licences). In case of perpetual licences, the maintenance & support and hosting will be calculated based on the regular price. The bonus does not apply to pilots with a duration of less than nine months.

The effective start date of the licences is up to you, but no later than 31 January 2018 (with a view to subsequent licence years). This calendar year may have your preference, or your 2018 budget may allow you more space; either way, we want to be able to invoice you by end of January at the latest. The actual activation (naming users and receiving account details) can of course take place anytime.

Why such a big bonus discount? The run up to and implementation of contract automation is often marked by a variety of small obstacles and challenges:

  • Templates remaining unfinished can delay the project considerably. Our innovation bonus seeks to encourage finalising them.
  • Obtaining budget. Sometimes the budget needs to be provided by the business and this may require some persuasiveness. An innovation bonus requires less persuasion (and once the business uses the application, the number of contracts drafted tends to ‘explode’ – Legal’s response time reduces from several days to none).
  • Hesitation whether to run a pilot with its inherent limitations regarding run-up and duration. Our proposition allows for a lot of flexibility, namely a whole year.
  • Doubts about delegating contract creation to the business. You want to involve the business in contact creation, but want to be familiar with our application first. Our innovation bonus makes it possible to keep the process moving.
  • In law firms, the more conservative partners can get involved straight away: a true innovation bonus.

Our innovation bonus allows for flexible planning and should be an appealing psychological incentive. You won’t easily be paying too much if it seems better to add users at a later stage in the year.

Contract automation Innovation bonus

As our licensees have come to expect of us, we will actively support everyone in actually putting the licence to use! This innovation bonus allows us to set in motion a few fantastic projects (from which everyone may benefit): therefore, the bonus offer will end on Thursday 30 November 2017.