Weagree innovation bonus

Until 15 March 2021:

This corona period continues to be uncertain. Most organisations do not know where they will be six months from now. Yet, everyone agrees that the future requires ‘more online’, more automation, process improvements and introduction of AI.

Also, many lawyers struggle making ‘the perfect start’ with contract automation. Hesitating because they do not oversee the entire process in all respects.

Indeed, implementing contract automation and contract lifecycle management (CLM) is often marked by a variety of challenges:

  • Uncertainty because of unclarity of how-to-implement
  • Model contracts remaining unfinished can delay your project considerably.
  • Not all your internal ambassadors are free to help.
  • Sometimes, you need to persuade a budget-holder about the immense potential of contract automation or CLM.

You will not easily pay for the lapse of unused licence time.

Weagree Innovation Bonus March 2021 Contract Automation Innovation Bonus

Wouldn’t it be great to implement with flexibility? To have mental freedom to experiment and to take your initial steps carefully? Starting with an inherent need-to-act implies a ‘soft deadline’ as a psychological incentive.

At Weagree, founded 15 years ago (2006), we know how challenging implementing contract automation and contract lifecycle management is.

Our innovation bonus gives you flexibility

Until 15 March 2021, you can accept our innovation bonus: on all new licences, we apply a reduction of 60 percent on the licence fees of the first year.

You’re free to set the effective date at any date prior to 1 May 2021, so your formal start (naming users and receiving account details) may take place anytime.

Does the 60-percent apply to you?

Weagree’s innovation bonus expires on 15 March 2021, 17:00 h CET. It is a one-off chance.

The innovation bonus applies:

  • for new customers, only to the extent the initial licence fee (after deducting the innovation bonus) exceeds EUR 4,000.
  • for current customers, the innovation bonus applies only to new end-users (no threshold applies).

The 60-percent reduction applies to SaaS licences, to the initial year of the licence only. In case of perpetual licences, a differente percentage applies. The bonus does not apply to pilots.

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