Our history

Weagree was founded in 2006. We launched the prototype of the Weagree Wizard in 2008. At that time, Weagree was one of very few legal innovators worldwide (the term ‘legaltech’ was not yet invented). In 2011, Weagree was nominated for Hill’s Innovating Justice Award, a worldwide recognition for disruptive innovations as regards the access to and provisioning of professional legal services.

Weagree is bootstrapped. Weagree has been able to become successful without venture capital or private equity. We are proud of our independence; we develop our application step-by-step together with our customers – in innovation-terminology: Weagree is ‘bootstrapped’. This approach enabled us to explore best ways to improve the Weagree Wizard and to maximise its user-friendliness – we’re not learning what user-friendliness means merely because we’re lawyers ourselves, but also because we collaborate so closely with our customers.

If you are afraid of a small global product leader: numerous impressive customers stepped over it, and have been experiencing our passion as part of their return on investment.

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