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It is with great pleasure that Weagree publishes free e-books about all aspects of ‘contract drafting‘. Download the pdf’s on the Weagree website (under the item drafting principles – free e-books). Click here to subscribe.

The first e-book precedes the publication of Willem Wiggers’ book Drafting Contracts, which will be in the bookstores later this Spring. The e-book is entitled “General contract drafting principles (guidelines, suggestions and best practices – improve your style and effectiveness)“. The anticipated subject matters for our future e-books include:

  • US vs. European style of contract drafting – particularities & differences
  • Ten steps to upgrading model contracts – be effective and efficient in upgrading your model contracts (incl. sample contract drafting conventions & contracting house style rules)
  • Drafting numbers and dates in contracts – good practice rules of European style
  • Funny phrases: typical contract drafting habits and legalese

I hope that you will find the e-books handsome and useful! Enjoy!
If you like them, point others at Weagree’s website (spread the word). Thank you!

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