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How to experiment, yet deliver perfection?

Weagree’s DNA is threefold (and our DNA is mutant): 

  1. Weagree pursues excellence (in everything, always and everywhere).
  2. Our destiny is to learn (to experiment with almost everything), always and everywhere.

Everyone knows that experiments may fail. The lawyers we work with are those of excellence. Lawyers prefer certainty over experiments. Risk aversity, even controlled risk-taking, contradicts experimenting. This paradox characterises our DNA as a mutant.

Fortunately, our DNA also proves to be one for survivors: for over 17 years, Weagree has been experimenting constantly. Yet, our users work at no risk. This is because we know how to both experiment and deliver perfection. 

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A key is in how we develop, how we test and how we release: setting the bar high in the procedure – all while experimenting with results (our application), to follow our procedures meticulously.

Over the past months, we have been working on major upgrades to Weagree. In Q3, we are going to release excellence related to the contract-negotiations stage:

Weagree DMS

Weagree automates much of the traditional negotiation-related work: the handling and storage of contract versions and contract-related files. Super-flexible integration with SharePoint or other DMS, accelerating dozens of small hassle-things of the contract negotiation stage.

From within Weagree: 

  1. Super-easy upload of contract versions and contract-related files; or
  2. Simply email the versions or files to Weagree (delivered into Weagree’s in-app inbox); and
  3. One-click comparing of contract versions;
  4. One-click renaming of the contract versions and contract-related files;
  5. One-click classifying and ordering of your contract versions and files;
  6. One-click archiving (old versions you might need in case of disputes);
  7. One-click of starting e-signing (through DocuSign);
  8. One-click of contract handover to operational departments;
  9. A contract-dedicated tasks-Kanban, to oversee and manage the contract’s to-dos;
  10. Stored on the right SharePoint site, in the right subfolder (facilitating both careless and careful lawyers).

The exciting thing is that implementing and activating all this requires no effort: it is there; users can simply start using it. After contract creation, managing, organising and accelerating the contract negotiation stage is super-easy. We like to hear your feedback (on how to make it even better).

Accelerating large transactions

Weagree DMS is even more exciting for large transactions, where chaos easily arises in handling versions and files: Weagree’s in-project DMS lets you organise and manage them to the extreme.

Especially if a transaction may consist of hundreds or thousands of related contracts and files (we’ve been there), excellence in organising it is needed.

We are introducing a project-dedicated transaction-related tasks Kanban board: an automatically created overview of all to-dos in a large transaction. Earlier this year, we optimised e-signing for large transactions: a semi-automated in-Weagree initiation, handling and monitoring of all transaction-related e-signing steps. 

Entity management in pursuit of perfection

Weagree contains complete legal entity management. In 2022, we have optimised its accessibility and transparency. But ever since we introduced it, we have been unhappy with how it worked (it was as good as another widely deployed entity management application in the Dutch market, but good is not excellent).

Over the next weeks, we are elevating Weagree’s legal entity management to excellence: 

  1. Access to entity details where you need them (and only the details you need, the rest is one click beyond);
  2. Managing your legal entities with even more ease, almost automated;
  3. Automated legal entity management tasks (with a legal entity’s tasks-Kanban);
  4. One-click insights and reporting on your legal entities;
  5. Improved management of e-signatories and pre-filling e-signing;
  6. Entity management on your suppliers, partners and customers.
  7. The easiest and best org chart (automatically updating, pre-configurable).

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Our upgrade of org chart-ing will not mark the end of Weagree’s fully integrated entity management. 

Perfecting configurability of API integrations

Some of our competitors created a team of IT programmers to take care of implementing and configuring API-integrations. We believe this is old-school software: needed if the software is too inflexible and too in-transparent that a customer cannot do this themselves intuitively.

In Q3, we are going to make API-integrations easier, introducing webhooks as convenient means to integrate. And above all: fill an enormous vacuum in our (tutorials) documentation as has been there for too long.

Walk-through videos for you

es, we understand that you are using less than 20 per cent of what Weagree offers. Would you like to watch a walk-through video, highlighting all functionalities across the contract lifecycle? Let us know! 

Check out our updated roadmap

Weagree’s DNA

I started by saying that Weagree’s DNA is threefold. In addition to excellence and learning:

3. We do so authentically.

By innovating authentically, we discover new ways to learn or excel.

Are you joining us?! 

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Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which: