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Humble hesitations on SharePoint integrations (not)

Maximising user-friendliness defines Weagree’s mission. With humble hesitations and always eager to change our opinion, we defined ‘user-friendly’ as:

  • simple and attractive
  • a sense of being ‘in control’ over creating, negotiating, signing and managing all your contracts
  • seeing only what is relevant, automating as much as possible
  • flexibility, aligning closely with day-to-day contracting workflows

It is what we call accelerating contract flow. At Weagree, we have been developing for 17 years, to make your contracts flow, to create flow in your head, peace of mind.

Let’s explore what user-friendliness means for your files.

1. Contracts files-management: simple

Managing contract files is not attractive. Because it is not attractive, we are automating as many steps of contract file management as possible. Earlier this year, we extended the simplicity by further upgrading our SharePoint integration plugin. Simplicity means:

  • Where contracts are stored, is determined only once for the entire transaction.
  • The end-users being relieved by setting the default SharePoint storage location in the CRM (e.g. Dynamics, Salesforce, Pipedrive) or any other application where the first transaction-related file is initiated.
  • Fall-back option: the end-user being relieved by setting the default SharePoint storage location per contract type.
  • End-users can be authorised to determine the file storage location (if the transaction so requires).
Weagree SharePoint integration plugin 02 SharePoint integration

Making file management attractive

Integrating Weagree’s DMS with your own document management solution, for example SharePoint, minimises and simplifies all your file management tasks. Everything happens as much as possible automatically: creation, forwarding version-2 comments (as emailed by your counterparty), handling e-signing files and accessing your repository (as few clicks as possible).

Weagree SharePoint integration plugin 04 SharePoint integration

2. A sense of being ‘in control’ over all your contract files

User-friendliness means peace of mind over where all contract files go. Contracts should flow into the right place.

  • For a lawyer, user-friendliness means that he or she is ‘in control’ over every contract file: if a file happens to be misplaced, they need easy tooling to correct this.
  • If not everyone should see all contract-related files, those must be hideable.
  • A lawyer wants to determine the file name.
  • A lawyer may want to leave a note, reminding what that file was about.
Weagree SharePoint integration plugin 03b SharePoint integration

3. User-friendliness means: seeing only what is relevant

If a dispute arises, a lawyer may need access to old contract versions. But that is only in 0.1% of the transactions (or less). You do not want to see all those versions all the time, not even while the transaction is pending. User-friendliness means that in 99.9% of the time, stakeholders only see what is relevant.

Weagree SharePoint integration plugin 05 archiving SharePoint integration

So there is an easy option to archive transaction-related files. This does not extend to SharePoint (where still all files are collected and stored); the user-friendliness of seeing what is relevant is what Weagree DMS adds to transaction management and CLM.

Oh, and you can always access the archive (one click) and unarchive a contract file when it becomes relevant (two clicks). So, seeing only what is relevant, and when it is relevant.

4. User-friendliness means flexibility

Flexibility has many dimensions for many types of end-users. Let’s explain two.

Weagree SharePoint integration plugin 06 dearchiving SharePoint integration

Firstly, flexibility in setting it up: Weagree’s SharePoint integration is extraordinarily user-friendly:

  1. do a security assessment with your IT department, so that they have peace of mind that Weagree’s level security measures is maximum (i.e. being the security measures of Microsoft).
  2. create a so-called Enterprise App in Microsoft,
  3. store the Enterprise App’s authentication keys in Weagree,
  4. configure the users’ authorisations and rights,
  5. configure Weagree’s contract templates for the default SharePoint site and folder paths.

Secondly, flexibility also means that you can exit Weagree easily if you were unhappy: user-friendliness means that you can do so easily. When all contracts and contract files are stored on SharePoint, then all you need are exports of your metadata. Weagree has extensive contract data reporting and exporting functionalities to achieve this.

We will give you the SharePoint links alongside it. Peace of mind means that you can exit Weagree whenever you want: our SharePoint-integration makes that easier. But you will appreciate that we would rather first listen to your (humble or not) hesitations and to your opinion on how we can make Weagree more user-friendly.

Weagree SharePoint integration plugin 03 SharePoint integration

User-friendliness accelerates contract flow

User-friendliness, or rather, accelerates contract flow, applies to each step and stage of a contract lifecycle: contract creation, transaction management, contract versions management, initiating, monitoring and completing e-signing, and post-signing to your CLM repository.

Indeed, we like to think that we know what user-friendliness means. But even after 17 years of continuously developing, it is after all you, our customer or end-user, who tells us where your contracting processes start to flow.

Weagree’s plugin for a full integration with SharePoint makes your contracting processes accelerate, more than SharePoint can do on its own.

Terms of Use

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Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which: