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Legal tech and your unsurmountable paradox

Do you fear that the implementation of legal tech will stall? Contract automation and CLM implementation not only require team members to change their way-of-working, but your selected technology may even imply hidden costs or an unsurmountable paradox.

No hidden costs

Hidden costs occur when automating contracts and configuring CLM requires rare skills or extensive admin training. This is why no-code technology has become a buzzword: ‘no code’ refers to technology that does not require any programming and is highly intuitive (contract clauses and Q&A options as jigsaw-movable puzzle pieces). (And ‘low code’ means: a lot of admin training and rare skills needed, a no-go for selection.)

Weagree’s contract automation solution is object-based (making your contract a visual jigsaw puzzle). Everyone can nocode templates. It’s intuitive.

No code templates

Weagree is no-code tooling. Our full admin training takes 4 hours (it is all you need for all complexities of contracts!) and we manage to reduce this year over year.

Unsurmountable paradox

Unsurmountable would be, for example, admin-tooling so complicated that you need to revert to an external party. Any subsequent contract-updating may then cause end-users to fall back in their old-way-of-contracting. The paradox is then that with contracting being your core business, you require external expertise for staying up-to-date. Outsourcing is fine, but should be limited to implementation and managed legal services.

Getting beyond user-friendliness

Developing step-by-step with our customers enables us to discover how to optimise for the next level:

  1. Nearly seven years ago, when BASF first started using Weagree, they needed template import tooling to migrate their legacy contract automation into Weagree. This is where we get excited.
  2. Four years ago, we set out two massive implementation projects at fixed price. Surely a strong incentive to further automate Weagree’s admin tooling.
  3. Three years ago, we introduced AI (automated contract review, CLM-data extraction and automated risk assessment). Because MS Word clearly falls short of AI-data extraction capabilities and, more importantly, and because the contract-to-be-AI-analysed is uploaded by the end-user, Weagree’s import tooling should exceed all (your) user-friendliness expectations.

After uploading the first-draft contract drafted by the counterparty, you want it to appear neatly in an easy-to-use interface.

We have taken our time to develop the Weagree Wizard, in concert with our customers, to be the most user-friendly contract automation and CLM tooling. We like to believe that we have avoided all paradoxes. No hidden costs, because we can implement at a fixed price. Admin training taking less than 4 hours is not only surmountable; it’s also a recipe for successfully introducing legal tech into your day-to-day contracting work. There is no paradox.

Watch our video (1:30 min) demonstrating how easy half of your admin contract-automation work is.

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Terms of Use

I hereby accept (or reconfirm my acceptance of) Weagree’ Terms of use, in which: