Many thanks for your vote!

Now that the voting stage for the Innovating Justice Award has ended, I would like to thank all of you who voted for Weagree! I’m truly grateful! Thank you so much!

We have not been able to surpass the nominated networks of lawyers, but have certainly made a great impression. None of the nominees has been able to mobilise such a large number of votes set off against the number of people directly involved in the innovation. The larger networks achieved their own size, and the smaller nominated companies hardly doubled their size. Weagree ‘outperformed’ all.

Above all, I enjoyed working on the nomination questionnaire (which you can read in this blog post or on the Innovating Justice website), as well as on the process of entertaining votes.

The very positive reactions and the great number of people who actively sought for additional votes were overwhelming and are encourabing to continue working on this unique and groundbreaking innovation:

Weagree offers the contract assembly software solution combined with contract drafting services.

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