Contract house style management - Weagree Wizard update

Newsletter – update: innovating and courses

Today, Weagree has published a new eBook, volume 9. Of course, the eBook is free. It complements part 1, about the miscellaneous provisions at the end of your contracts:

  • Miscellaneous (boilerplate) clauses (part 2, including confidentiality clauses)

We hope you like the eBook. Download it here.

We also distributed the following newsletter:

After the update of the Weagree contract assembly wizard in May, we enjoyed a wonderful summer. Two major Dutch multinationals signed up for a license, which enabled us to define new functionalities.

Over the past few months, we contacted Weagree Wizard users individually, and interviewed those who had seen our presentations. The users are proving to be very happy with the Weagree Wizard.

1.  Weagree’s ‘design slot’ for our contract assembly wizard
Our users are drawn to using the Weagree Wizard: they find our document automation solution convenient and rich in features and possibilities, and experience great time savings both in drafting time and response time. Happy users are more than happy to provide us with feedback. And so they are enthusiastically taking part in our innovations.

In May, we upgraded Weagree’s contract assembly wizard. Along with various technicalities, we improved multi-language support, simplified the user-interface and improved contract formatting capabilities (house style).
The forthcoming upgrade characteristically remains focused on user-friendliness. Having listed some 48 points for improvement, we made detailed specifications, requested quotations for realising them, and prioritised the list according to committed license fees.

A noteworthy comment came from Chantal, long-time user at our launching customer: she told me about her ‘lawyerish’ inclination not to delete her contract assembly history: lawyers wish to archive. A feature to put on the list.
Equally, we will continue to improve centralised contract house style management. Many organisations struggle with the ‘enforcement’ of a unified contract house style (if there is one at all). In a previous free Weagree eBook, we made various suggestions on how to achieve this. The coming upgrade will permit differentiation between different types of automated documents. (All house style changes will be managed from one central place and changes need not be repeated for all templates.)

2.  New courses on contract drafting
This autumn, we will be giving contract drafting courses. Not the boring type of programme, which discusses the latest pseudo-developments in case law on general terms and conditions, on contract rescission or pre-contractual liability. Rather, we’ll be offering tricks and techniques on the subject of:

  • How to avoid ambiguities and write clearer
  • How to set up a first draft agreement
  • Best practices on the use of definitions, conditions, covenants, warranties and limitations of liability

Obviously, we will also address legalese and the stupidity of archaic doublets and triplets, together with a comparative law tour d’horizon of the major legal systems worldwide. If you’re interested, it is all in my book Drafting contracts – Techniques, best practice rules and recommendations related to contract drafting (Kluwer 2011).

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Terms of Use

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