Upgrading your contracting process (from start to finish)

We have been listening carefully to our customers, and we know that your accelerated contract drafting does not stop at the creation of a first draft contract. During the forthcoming months, you will see numerous new functionalities, improving your contracting processes.

Weagree Contract Negotiation Versions Management 002 Contracting ProcessHere is the first in a series of sneak peek videos: Weagree contract-negotiation-versions management. It’s only 1:30 minute and addresses the stage of contracting:

During the next weeks, more details about the upgrade will follow. In a few sneak peek videos, we will show how you can benefit from the Weagree Wizard.

Demonstration day

We plan to organise a demo day, at which the new functionalities will be explained; we will discuss what is needed to make it work for your team. There will be plenty of opportunities to share your experiences with other customers and hear how they are implementing legal-tech. Details will follow shortly – if you know others who would be interested

Quick update on Weagree

Since November 2017, Weagree has doubled the number of its customers. Most of them are well-known corporates with cross-border activities. They all assumed the challenge of changing the way contracts will be made.


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