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In order for Weagree to be granted the Innovating Justice Award, we need to qualify as one of three most-voted nominees.

Nominated! As you may know, Weagree is nominated for the Innovating Justice Awards! The award is for innovations that bring professional legal services to a breakthrough level. The Innovating Justice Award is worldwide: inter alia, the nominated innovations come from the US, Latin America, India and the Netherlands. They (and Weagree) have been selected by Innovating Justice, a platform of international legal non-profit organisations. Mid June, an expert jury of Innovating Justice decides which of the three most-voted innovations will be granted the award.

Voting. For Weagree, the nomination is an unexpected and phenomenal recognition! The innovation on which Weagree has been working during the past four years, is a disruptive breakthrough for the legal service industry. Help us conquer the Innovating Justice Award and vote via this link.

Weagree. As you know, Weagree accelerates contract drafting by providing an advanced software application with which you can create both complex and day-to-day contracts. During the past few months, Weagree has gained momentum:

  • Weagree has been supporting several large multinationals in their model contract upgrading processes.
  • Willem Wiggers’ book Drafting Contracts is completed and will be in the bookstores shortly.
  • In anticipation of that, over 400 people have downloaded the free e-book General contract drafting principles (click here for your own copy).
  • Weagree’s training courses on Contract Drafting have been received in great enthusiasm by the participating experienced interim and in-house legal counsel.
  • In November 2010, Weagree published its one hundredth blog post on matters related to contract drafting.

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