Weagree nomination Innovating Justice Award

Weagree is proud to announce that it was granted a nomination for the Innovating Justice Award 2011!

For Weagree, the nomination came out of the blue. It was granted for the highly innovative concept that Weagree has been developing over the past four years: the unique combination of high level contract drafting services combined with the Weagree contract assembly software wizard.

More to follow shortly. For now, just a few notes on the award and the granting organisation, Innovating Justice:

We believe that Weagree from the Netherlands is an outstanding example of innovation in the legal sector. Therefore, we are pleased to inform you that we have nominated Weagree for the first Innovating Justice Award. This contest has been developed by Innovating Justice, a Platform for Rule of Law Solutions, initiated by HiiL, EALL, CILC, MJI and TISCO.

These kind of innovations can have a major impact and can develop new ways to meet the needs for justice around the world. Consequently, we hope that Weagree is willing to accept this nomination.

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