Reporting and monitoring (pending) contracts

When a deal seems done, some people start the race before the starting shot. Contracts that remain unsigned are bothersome and imply betting the company. If there is no adequate, intuitive reporting and monitoring on (pending) contracts in your organisation, you will face the adverse consequences once something goes wrong:

  • no limitations of liability, and
  • loss of intellectual property rights.

Minimise risks and keeping track of unsigned contracts must be very easy. Awaiting contract signing is not everyone’s first priority…

One click, and you’ll see all unsigned contracts awaiting the starting shot. Oh, and when you set a date, it moves along. (You can filter on a certain date or period, and make this your predefined dashboard button, and in a month from now, the filter is automatically updated.) Weagree’s buttons stay up to date.

Reporting and monitoring (pending) contracts is particularly important for team leaders, general counsel and heads of legal. For them, is in an ongoing challenge to keep track of:

  • pending transactions, or
  • the busy-ness of their team.

To a large extent, this is by no means problematic. Except where workload overloads or where team members misperform. You don’t want everyone to report on that manually, not ‘control’ their freedom.

A lack of insight complicates guiding your struggling team member. Some may underperform… others might be drowning. A good road captain has an overview on pending business and immediate insight in everyone’s busy-ness. Not everyone reaches out when something goes wrong. (Real cyclists don’t whine after falling into barbed wire.)

In the Weagree Wizard, it takes one click to monitor your team’s busy-ness. Or to step in during their vacation or absence for illness.